Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Dawood Men bid to kill Best bakery accused failed ( HELLO TEESTA !!!)

Don’s bid to kill Best accused failed

December 12, 2004

An alleged plan by the Dawood gang to eliminate the 17 accused in the Best Bakery case, currently lodged in Arthur Road Jail in central Mumbai, has been foiled by the jail authorities.

Although jail superintendent Swati Sathe declined to comment on the sensational conspiracy sources in the jail revealed that there was a plan to poison the food being supplied to the 17 accused. A leading member of the Dawood gang, who is in the jail in connection with the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blast case, along with a few other inmates is believed to have played a key role in befriending the 17 persons and winning their confidence.

The Best Bakery retrial is being held here at the Mazgaon court. The accused are taken under heavy police escort from the jail to the court, which makes it difficult for anyone to target them outside. Hence, a plan was allegedly hatched to eliminate them inside the jail. The poison was to have been smuggled into the jail on Saturday, December 11. The conspiracy came to light when jail authorities seized a piece of paper, containing instructions in Urdu, which was passed on by D-Company members outside the jail to the key conspirator lodged inside.

Sources said a large amount of money was set aside by the gang to finance this operation. Following the unearthing of the conspiracy, the Dawood aide has been shifted from the general barracks to a high-security cell inside the jail premises.


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