Friday, December 03, 2004

What people are telling about Fifth Columnist : Teesta Setalvad


Ms SinghAs one of the more articulate and (demonstrably) literate columnists in our country, do you not find the content and tone of your support among these comments somewhat odd, or at least ironic?I would like to say that your point (Muslim Extremism is dangerous and must be dealt with) is sound, but is ill served by this detour. What, at the end of the day, does prosecuting the guilty in the Gujarat pogrom have to do with the country's not investigating Muslim Extremism to the extent that you would wish? Logically - nothing.Sadly you have compromised your dignity - as a journalist, and as a woman; if you weren't both women, would this spat have gotten half the airtime it has?Respectful regards
Posted by: Zafar, Australia, 03-12-2004 at 0636 hours IST

The mouse that roars

Anyone who has read CC over any period of time would be bemused by the selective defence tabulated by these two worthies. A few articles carefully picked by Setalvad and Anand do not perfume over the entrenched stench of rabid anti-Hindu frothing that permeate this lucrative enterprise.And carrying the metaphor of perfumes (of Araby to sweeten this little hand) further, they were very clever to deny any "petro-dollar" sustenance to their business. Why the specious coyness? Why not come out and flatly deny any links to Arab money, petro-dollar or otherwise? And what about their financial largesse from Christian Evangelical organizations like EPPC (Ethics and Public Policy Center), and INFEMIT, an international network of evangelical mission theologians and practitioners, to name a few?It appears that their carefully constructed charade is now finally unravelling, with no little thanks due to Tavleen Singh for her courage in taking on these "secular" media darlings.
Posted by: Charu Latha, United States, 03-12-2004 at 0544 hours IST

Another one

Here is another one from an article on Kashmiri Pandits:"The nearly 8,000 Kashmiri Pandits still living in the Valley and determined to stay put there feel bitter that the rest of India — the J&K and the central government, fellow Pandits who have migrated in large numbers, the sangh parivar and the Shiv Sena which pretends to speak for them and Indians in general — are insensitive to their predicament"All they have done is to put the blame of the pathetic situation of kashmiri pandits back on hindus! What more, they have used it as yet another tool to bash up BJP and others they hate. This is is the best that Teesta and other hate-hindu brigade can come up with. Tavleen SIngh should be proud to be able to let the world know about the shady world of the NGO mafia.
Posted by: Ankan, India, 03-12-2004 at 0453 hours IST

Dont get fooled

Please dont get fooled by what these jihadi apologists have written here. I went back and read through a few sections of their magazine and here is a sample of what I found:"This weakness of the Kashmiri movement that is fast-losing its Kashmiri identity — and, for this a variety of factors are responsible — is more than compensated on the other side. RSS and even more extreme brands of Hindu nationalism are gaining currency among Hindus in Jammu, as elsewhere in the country."This is from the piece "Talibanisation of Kashmir " that these authors have quoted to prove their secular credentials. Guess what: terrorism in Kashmir has been referred as a movement while the blame for that has been thrown to the Hindus. I am not surprised that the person who is blaming Hindus for the terrorism in Kashmir once showed Kashmir as part of Pakistan.
Posted by: Ankan Kumar, India, 03-12-2004 at 0424 hours IST

calling talveen singh's bluff

Your long article is just like throwing sand in the eyes and an insult to Hindus and Talveen who is the only journalist to call spade a spade. What have you really done to expose the Muslim terrorism or crime in India? What about exposing Muslims who help ISI of Pakistan to creat terrorism in India? Have you taken any Muslim to court for crime to help any Hindu? Have you ever tried to expose about what is happening in Madrasas and the preachings of Mullahs against Hindus in hundred of thousands of Masjids in India? Your articles (about crimes by Muslims against Hindus?) in your magazine do not mean a thing if you do not take any action just like you are doing against innocent Hindus in Gujarat. You know that your writing about plight of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangla desh does not mean a thing unless you force Indian Prime minister to take up this matter to these Muslim fundamentalist governments and tell them that first condtion of partition of India was that minorities on both sides will be treated equally. What we are saying is that your actions speak louder than your words. Your actions stink.
Posted by: sastish kumar sharma, Canada, 03-12-2004 at 0415 hours IST

So terorism is justified for Injustice

"the best way to fight terrorism, Islamic or otherwise, is to fight against injustice. That is all that we are trying our best to do, through Communalism Combat and otherwise" --- SO INJUSTICE BREEDS TERRORISM and is justified . as per Teesta . ANd also since terrorists are humans , they too should be given Human Rights . That's the message she is conveying to all .
Posted by: Manoj, India, 03-12-2004 at 0414 hours IST

communal demagoguery

Dear Editor,After the reader's comments,I proceeded to test out whether Ms. Setalvad indignant protestations were credible. If readers expect informed opinion from "Communalism Combat", they are going to be very much disappointed. Consider this bit: " One year later, the Genocide in Gujarat continues through social and economic boycott of Muslims in atleast 10 of the 24 districts of the State and a politically vindictive state headed by Chief Minister Narendra Modi seeks to subvert all criminal investigations int the incidents of violence last year."Note the use of the word "genocide" to depict "social and economic boycott". Genocide is a word pregnant with implications given its history of usage. But a social and economic boycott of a community does not a genocide make. If that were the case, Gandhiji's call for an economic boycott of british goods would be considered genocide...hardly a proper way to depict the actions of Bapuji.Ms. Setalvad proclaims to be "fighting injustice" much like Osama Bin Laden and the jihadis claim to be "fighting injustice" --- it is an admirable goal, but the phrase takes on a new meaning when some people use it.
Posted by: Parveen Kaur, India, 03-12-2004 at 0317 hours IST

Calling Tavleen Singh's Bluff - Teesta way

Dear TeestaConduct of your NGO , its activities, motivations to do that and fundings had been questionable.Pray tell :-A. Who funds your NGO to carryout your activties ?B. What motivated you to tell lies , force Zaheera to give suitable statement and now that she is pointing fingers on you (on records) why you should not prosecutedPlease stop anti nation and anti Hindu conducts. You seems to be working as funded agent of some other countries.
Posted by: Jairaj Yadav, United States, 03-12-2004 at 0257 hours IST

Taste of your own medicine

So now that the shoe is on the other foot, Mr. Anand and Ms. Seetalvad, are ranting and whining. Now you know how we feel when the likes of you call us "communal", "anti-Muslim", "fundamentalist", yadda, yadda, even if we criticize Pakistan for its terrorist activities and call it Terrorist State of Pakistan (TSP). God forbid, if some of us to were to question the antics of the fundamentalist Muslims, then we are called Parivaris. Well, Javed and Teesta, you have finally found one lady who has the cojones to call a spade a spade and expose your dirty tricks. I have followed Ms. Singh for a long time and was impressed when she had the courage to have a less than flattering interview with Bhindranwale when she was a correspondent for Sunday. Quite frankly the two of you are not even fit to tie the shoelaces of Tavleen. Your credibility was down the toilet when Zahira spoke the truth not once but twice in the court.
Posted by: Kedar Bhandary, United States, 03-12-2004 at 0220 hours IST

Precept vs. practice

Instead of exposing symptoms of pathological verbal diarrhea, it is enough for the combative secularists to demonstrate a few simple things:Regarding "non-Muslim" victims such as Kashmiri Pandits, Sikh victims of the 1984 Delhi riots, victims of the Godhra train carnage and Akshardam temple, and victims of Pakistan-sponsored terror in India.1) Show from records that you ever marched, a few feet at least , along with other high profile secularists for the cause of the above mentioned vicitms.2) Show you conducted any press meet for the above causes.3) Show if you filed any PIL for any of the above listed causes.4) Show with evidence that you condemned, in unequivocal terms, Pakistan-funded jihadi activities that directly affect India.5) Show if you visited and showed at least lip sympathy, for the victims listed above (not even parading them for your benefit, as you do with "minority" show-piece victims!).
Posted by: kvjayan, India, 03-12-2004 at 0040 hours IST

Guilty conscience shows

I went through the archives and found that CC magazine has like one article per year about Kashmiri pandits, and maybe one article in several years about the Sikh genocide of 1984. This is mere tokenism to pretend that they are neutral. On the other hand, every single issue of CC has at least one anti-BJP article. In fact, most issues have anti-Sangh cover stories. Tavleen Singh was absolutely right in her accusations.Here is Mahatma Gandhi's simple truth. These people spend most of their time and effort attacking the Sangh, simply because it is non-life threatening. Proof: they are still alive.If they spent the same time and effort attacking Islamic extremism, they'd be dead, oh - like a decade ago. These secularists are mere cowards who cannot combat communalism where it really matters - in Kashmir and in Sonia Gandhi's cabinet of butchers of Sikhs.
Posted by: B.S.P., India, 02-12-2004 at 2326 hours IST

Teesta fails to impress

First, I would like thank IE for providing a forum to all points ot view.Let me remind all what Teestaji said on being informed of the massacre of Hindus in Godhra in the Washington post : "while I condemn today's gruesome attack, you cannot pick up an incident in isolation. Let us not forget the provocation. These people were not going for a benign assembly. They were indulging in blatant and unlawful mobilisation to build a temple and deliberately provoke the Muslims in India.'"It clear to anybody from the above that Teestaji thinks it is perfectly reasonable for Muslims to kill people who "provoke" them. Sadly, very few Muslims will agree with her except the Al Qaeda sort. The cases Teestaji chooses to highlight give her away. We have seen her jump into action when a LeT activist was killed by the police but, we don't see her fiercely taking on Mr. Tytler on behalf of a Sikh widow, or take on Mr. Mufti Sayeed who played a dubious role in the massacre of pandits in Anantnag. Also, notice Teestaji has little to say about the growth of fundamentalist Muslim organizations like the Ahl-E-Hadith and Tabligh Jamaat that have vowed to stamp out the unique Indian brand of Islam
Posted by: B K Bhattacharyya, United States, 02-12-2004 at 2317 hours IST

Calling Tavleen Singh's bluff

Article is disguised in colourful language,but the bitter truth stands out clearly! The confused situation is made worst confounded,though Tavleen stands out "taller" in the eyes of her readers,for her fearless,investigative and unbiased journalism which is a rare commodity in today's English Media! Brave Tavleen cannot be faulted for what she wrote.Her courageous articles,make her hold her head higher in the annals of journalism:See her articles"The 'communalism' divide","Communal or Communists:Its the same difference","To win the war,first identify the enemy","After poll slaughter,suicide by BJP","Blame Cong for rise of Hindutva","Cowdung fixation","Two not so shining stories","Why Joshi is Vajpayee's weakest link"and a lot others.Teesta doesn't list out any other case which she had 'championed' before the Sup Court,apart from Zaheera,whose allegations,for how she was picked up,pampered,kept in big hotels and how she was made to sign on several papers-SHALL haunt Teesta for ever! How many cases of Hindus,killed in Guj-riots,were taken up by Teesta in courts?How many Sikh genocide victims' cases were taken up by her before Sup Court:she knows,every Cong-goon,was set free?
Posted by: pps.ahluwalia, United States, 02-12-2004 at 2104 hours IST


Teesta's defense is pretty pathetic. If one takes a cursory look at all her articles one can see that she loves to fish in troubled waters. All her articles deal with communal issue and is islam specific. She is misleading readers by not giving her full name (with a javed khan suffix), as women usually do when they marry. The fact the she hangs around mostly with muslims and hence might be biased in favour of them is something not known to many. Also all her crap articles critical of muslims are about muslims in pakistan, bangladesh, afghanistan where nobody knows who she is. Can she point even one article critical of Indian muslims (minus kashmir) ? If she is not an NGO then why is she getting any foreign funds at all. How is she able to get money for funding all her legal and extra-legal activities?
Posted by: Nayagan, United States, 02-12-2004 at 2100 hours IST

Tavleen Singh.. An Immature Journalist

I have read many of the articles of Tavleen (including the one that has prompted CC to write this). My own assessment about her is she is at best an immature journalist. Her writtings flow more from her emotions and limited knowledge than from facts. Not so long back she was spewing venon on the RSS, VHP and other radical hindu organisations. Now suddenly she has started seeing hindu fundamentalism is dead and hence we should start focus on islamic fundamentalism. If only the world has been so easy Mrs. Tavleen !!. No reasonably informed person in India, will accept that the Hindu fundamentalim is dead (not atleast me - and let me tell you that I am a devout hindu). Nor is dealing with islamic fanaticism is that easy to tackle the way you are suggesting. The only way to handle both the forms of radicalism is making an unflinching attempt to uphold the law. The law has to be implemented, if required ruthlessly, for anybody violating it.. Any successful nation today is successful because one of the cornerstones of their lives is respecting the law. The moment people like Tavleen give hinduism and islamism colour to it, it takes adifferent ......Contd
Posted by: Bharatiya, India, 02-12-2004 at 2054 hours IST

No need to read Sabrang

I wish to draw readers' attention to the fact that the list of misleading titles might be a ruse to attract readers to the subrang website. Those who know about the pseudo-secularist stands of Teesta will do well to keep away from their website. No need to fund the wrongdoers.
Posted by: Prakash, India, 02-12-2004 at 1944 hours IST


More powers to yr elbow, Tavleen dear!You are one of the few independent journalists who can call a spade a spade- unlike some sold out journalist souls, who are willing to sell their mother/motherland for money. They r a disgrace to journalist profession- they are pimps!As far as Teesta is concerned, the day she takes up a case of a Hindu Pandit suffering in camps, a Hindu burnt alive in the Godhra train and compensation to his/her family, I can safely say that Testa is pro-Islam/ Muslims and anti-Hindus.And as far as Teesta's eunuch husband is concerned, we hv seen what he writes in OUTLOOK- and he is rabid Muslim jehadi, posing as a secularist. Both r on the payrolls of Islamic countries working against India for making this country Dar-ul-Islam.We Hindus are sick and tired of yr fake idea of secularism, which for you means Hindu and Hinduism bashing.For a change talk abt oppression of women in Islam or medieval mindest of Islam due to Quran- they wl cut the balls off yr husband, them Muslim Jehadis, I assure you.
Posted by: Ashok Gupta, Iceland, 02-12-2004 at 1855 hours IST

Food for thought

I am really surprised and commend the incisive insight which Mark (who commented earlier) seems to posses about the modus operandi of islamic rioters in Gujarat and in India. His seminal observation that the coercive tactic is actually a legacy of jinnah (who used to threaten with 'direct action plan') is really a bullseye. Anybody who has seen the pattern of riots cannot miss the above point. I am thunderstruck at how can a US citizen possess this insight which 95%of the people in India lack!!
Posted by: Dhaval, India, 02-12-2004 at 1800 hours IST

congrats communalism combat

thanks Tista & javed for your fight back. how to make people like tavleen singh accountable. down down tavleen singh. you lost your credibility.
Posted by: samit, India, 02-12-2004 at 1749 hours IST


This is a damage control exercise by Teesta, and holds no water. After Zaheera's turn around, it is Teesta who is desperate and not Modi. She hallucinates that the evidence is being piled against Modi, but the actual fact is that nowhere have they ever been able to implicate Modi directly. Even the comments by Advani and Vajpayee have been distorted out of context. They never referred to Modi, and in fact Advani went on to prasie the way Modi had handeled the communal conflageration. When finally Tavleen brought the axe down on teesta close to the heels of Zaheera breaking free of her clutches as well, Teesta had to salvage the pride by writing 'something' in IE, becos IE would definitely allow her to write 'something'. If Modi was really guilty, he would have been punished long ago. If someone thinks that a person (even the CM) can get away in the modern world by commiting a genocide , they are deluding themselves. Modi never did anything worng, and he has categorically condemed Godhra and post Godhra riots.He has been systematically demonized by people like Teesta,but he still rules supreme in the hearts of Gujaratis and will continue to do so.
Posted by: Dhaval, India, 02-12-2004 at 1748 hours IST
Another view on this Head-on arguement

Lately I gave up reading IE due to its so-called Pro-secularism activities which most of us mean as a fashion to malign Hindus and Hindutva… But today a friend of mine mailed me two articles 1. The ‘communalism’ divide by Tavleen Singh and 2. Calling Tavleen Singh’s bluff by Javed Anand & Teesta Setalvad. I was enthralled by going through these articles, not due to the profiles of the authors but their way of thinking. While, the former shows great courage in defending the country’s pride as a Partisan, the later (the duo with a single voice that of Teesta) dishes out lousy stuffs in order to disdain their own country. I really appreciate the response of the readers to justify Ms Singh’s views even by evidencing some of the misdeeds of duo’s mouthpiece Sabrang. I thought it to be wise enough to give the duo another chance to prove their impartial attitude by publishing atleast one article each on Godhra incidence and the ongoing Iraq war. I know they can’t. In my view, instead of writing inflammatory articles in the name of CC, they must concentrate on articles exemplifying the true essence of Brotherhood that the great Indians especially Hindus have been embraced for centuries.
Posted by: Hrishi, India, 02-12-2004 at 1646 hours IST

Teesta and the magic cigarette

I write from a distant perspective. An NGO that does not disclose its funding is basically working against the state on the basis that its objective is to try to influence thinking. If a similar event happened in UK they would be checked out by the authorities. In India it seems you have a free for all and chucking mud is the order of the day. We all know who the real terrorists are in India - don't we? In UK a recent poll of 500 Muslims indicated that they 61% want Sharia to be present within the UK legal system in respect of civil etc matters - but should not negate the English Laws. We have all come across this elsewhere! And 88% of Muslims want the right to do 5 prayers at work. Their contract of employment should allow this and prayer rooms available. Now why dont we have secular business where religion is kept out. What next a Muslim telling us that profit is bad and anti Allah? When will these people understand that if they dont like where they are living they can always go to Muslim countries? Will Teesta understand the injustice handed out by misguided Muslims towards the rest of humanity. I doubt it! Namaste Jai Hind /
Posted by: Aryavansh, United Kingdom, 02-12-2004 at 1632 hours IST

Calling Tavleen Singh's bluff

The article of Teesta is neither here nor there, every one in the world knows that all NGO's are violently against Hindus and rabidly anti-national. All NGO's receive money from Islamic and Christian fundamentalists from Saudi Arabia and USA. All teesta has done is spew venom against Tavleen, it will nor work. If teesta is serious I challange her to ask government to evict illegal Bangladeshis from India or steralise them all. If not just shut up and keep provoking Muslims and brain-dead "Hindus" against Mr. Modi.
Posted by: Vox Populi, Australia, 02-12-2004 at 1618 hours IST

Tavllen Singh

I for one stopped reading Ms. Tavleen Singh's article sometime in 1999. Her hatred for the Congress Party blinded her to the point of paranoia. She and other apologists of the Sangh Parivar have misled so many people, but I am not one of them. Thare are lakhs of Indian Express readers like me who do not consider Ms. Tavleen Singh as nationalists. For them a Hindu Britisher or Mauritian is more Indian than a Christian from the Northeast or Muslim from UP.
Posted by: Mark, Germany, 02-12-2004 at 1527 hours IST

Calling Tavleen Singh's bluff

Ms.Setalvad has given in a nutshell the credo of her combat actions as a NGO leader viz. "the right to distort facts, give journalistic ethics the go-by and parade insinuation as argument".This is what she has been doing for years and now finds that Tavleen Singh's article brings out her activities into focus. Hence the strong retort!! Tavleen Singh has been a fearless journalist who refuses to toe the established lines and needs to be commended. May her tribe increase!If a high-flying columnist such as Tavleen Singh were to limit herself to peddling prejudice, paranoia and sheer naivete as informed opinion, who are we to stand between her and her precious constituency? But when basic journalistic ethics are given the go-by even while a facade of objectivity and even-handedness is diligently maintained, when insinuation is paraded as argument, when facts are selectively handpicked to dress up fiction, Ms Singh’s bluff needs to be called.
Posted by: S.N.BALAKRISHNAN, India, 02-12-2004 at 1459 hours IST

Teesta Settlevad

Teesta Settlevad has given an impressive list of titles from her magazine. A few questions still remain unanswered.1. Did the magazine ever support COMMON CIVIL CODE? (A support to BJP's position on this count will prove the impartiality of the author beyound doubt.)2. Did she try to meet any individual Kashmiri Pandit regugee and take up his/her case to Supreme Court/NHRC like she did in case of Zaheera? (That will prove her combative impartiality).Teesta Settlevad saying herself that she is impartial isn't suffient proof of her being so. Some neutral third party entity should say that.
Posted by: Prakash, India, 02-12-2004 at 1413 hours IST

who is bluffing?

Hi,I went back and read Tavleen's column after I read this. It almost looks like these dudes are talking about a different article altogether. Looks more like a general PR exercise and IE has generously lent it's space for the purpose. By the way, does IE allow anybody to write a rejoinder to any of the columns or is it a privilege available exclusively to the secular brigade.
Posted by: Srini, United States, 02-12-2004 at 1249 hours IST

Tessta Would have been prosecuted in any Western Liberal Democracy

Teesta is a terrorist Sympatheiser suffering from "neurosis", who doesn't see the death and destruction caused by islam in Indian Subcontinent over last 1000 years.She doesn't see how Pakistan/Bangladesh/Afghanistan becomes total Hinduless in matter of just 50 years.But she finds fault with India, where Muslim population actually increased from 9.5% to 15%.
Posted by: Suchetana, India, 02-12-2004 at 1138 hours IST

Teesta: Apologist for Islam

Teesta wrote the gem of hers at the very end: "Can’t you see that the best way to fight terrorism, Islamic or otherwise, is to fight against injustice."This clearly shows the mental bankrupcy of people like Teesta. Muslims are always being subjected to injustice, and Its Teesta's Divine Right to fight against those Injustice! Will you take a Break please?5 lakh Palestinian was displaced by Israel, and Teesta is so sorry for them. Does Teesta have any time for 3 crore Bangladeshis who are also displaced? 3 Crore is 60 Times bigger than 5 lakh. Bangladesh is much closer to India than Palestine.5 Lakh Kashmiris are ethnically cleansed, which is equal to number of Palestinians displaced. Does Teesta has any time for them?Nope. But we would have listen to her as fountain head of secularism !
Posted by: Sudhin, India, 02-12-2004 at 1132 hours IST

Would you help persecuted Hindus?

CC & Teesta,You fight for justice. Excellent. Here is one case, where 100s of people are being denied Justice. Would you please help?Mayureaswar is a village in Birbhum District of West Bengal. Hindus are being driven out from their ancestral Homes in and Around Mayureaswar Village in Birbum District by Muslims. Yes, its very much in India, in West Bengal. Will you please take up the issue at the plight of Poor Hindus who are persecuted in their own homeland? Teestaji? What do you say?You can Contact: Mr. Arun Sarkar, Village+P.O: Mayureswar, Dist: Birbhum, West Bengal for details.
Posted by: iswar, India, 02-12-2004 at 1112 hours IST

Are you willing to take up some cases of Kashmiri Pandits?

Teestaji:Face the Facts. Around 5 lakh kashmiri pandits were ethnically cleansed from the Valley not so long ago. They are still languishing in dire condition in Jammu, Delhi relief camps. How many Articles you wrote about them? Many of them know very well who burnt their houses etc. Would you be willing to accept some of their cases? Why don't you take up a High-profile visit to Jammu, Delhi's displaced Pandits' Camps.
Posted by: Arun, India, 02-12-2004 at 1058 hours IST

Accept the Challenge: Throw open all your records

Teesta: You attack Tavleen as distoting facts. Aren't you doing the Same? Instead of making it hush hush, why don't you simply throw open your every record, funding details, receipts, communications with outside your organization to Public since very start of your organization? Book Some Stadium in Mumbai, insert Ads in newspapers, and organize a "Check CC for your own satisfaction" mela?If you have guts..just do it. Until you come clean about your funding, you are ruining your reputation.
Posted by: tanmoy, India, 02-12-2004 at 1050 hours IST

What CC should do now

As a well wisher of CC, I would advise the following.1. Provide all funding details/Balance sheet since inception. Certified Copies should be posted in the CC Website at the Earliest.2. Make all of your funding records(since inception) available to public in your Office to everybody who are interested to have a look after paying small charges which will be used by CC to organize it. Announce it through the Media. 3. A Full Blown, detailed study of all Riots in India since Independence. 4. Talk to religious groups of all kind and involve them in the healing process in riot hit areas. 5. Avoid using politicians, especially Communists, who has a very 'reductionist' view of India, its Culture.
Posted by: Bhaskar, India, 02-12-2004 at 1043 hours IST

Teest's defense

"Shouldn’t Ms Singh have informed her readers that within days of Zaheera’s allegation, it is not she but Teesta who has applied to the Supreme Court praying for a probe into the murky episode? "I am not sure what Ms. Setalvad is trying to claim with the above statement. This is a "she said-she said" case in the eyes of the law: it is hard to believe that we should believe zaheera when it suits our purpose and condemn her as a liar when she speaks her mind. She is not a pawn to be played around with. It is indeed pitiful that Ms. Setalvad has not refuted the core accusations made against and does not speak a word about it. Truth cannot be selectively expected of people.Best regards.
Posted by: Abid Hussain, United Kingdom, 02-12-2004 at 1025 hours IST

Level Playing field

While our friends Javed And Teesta are counting the Sikh riots/Kshmiri pandits story covered by them on their fingers, we can see the amount of publicity they have given to Gujrat or any muslim riots are innumerable. We can clearly see where your loyalty lies. Portraying hindus as fundamentalist is main aim of these macaulites..only by undermining the mind of this majority they would be able to rule over us for a long time. Best of luck since inet is facilitating the communication, days of your darkness are numbered.. Lets revisit the definition of minority in inddia and treat muslims as second major religion and start expecting similar duties on their part.
Posted by: Abhishek an Indian, United States, 02-12-2004 at 1019 hours IST

Secular Drama

A little sunshine in the dark corners will help clean the stink and stench. Looks like Tavleensarticle has come as a sharp jab to the secularist couple - now that they are the being accused of witness tampering - a very serious offence.
Posted by: Krishna, India, 02-12-2004 at 1013 hours IST

Jounalistic ethics

Though Tavleen Singh has been equally critical of BJP, Hindutva for no apparent reason, this rejoinder tries to push back Tavleen against the wall. Basic point of Tavleen and others has been Indian media is biased against the Hindus and Sikhs, often giving misleading figures. Post Godhra was also again ignited by islamists by all accounts. The number of deaths is more like 800 muslims and 600 Hindus some of whom were also killed by the security forces and also got disfigured by acid of the wily islamists. Godhra alone has been the scene of countless murders that led up to the infamous train car carnage burning innocent women and children alive. Why are the duo not pursuing Godhra arsonist murders with equal vigor? What about other countless riots like the one that butchered more than 2000 for a mere building called Babri in ruins and unused ? Why is Jinah's tactics of terror and intimidation allowed to be pursued long after a separate land for the islamists with the best tracts? Why have so many islamist criminals not been brought to justice? What is this duo doing about these fugitives of the long arm of the law of the land?
Posted by: Mark McHugh, United States, 02-12-2004 at 0922 hours IST

Javed and Teesta's Response

While thanking Javed Anand and Teesta Setalvad for their response and Indian Express for publishing both sides of the story, as a neutral observer I would like to make a few observations: First of all, in their response Javed and Teesta have not explained the full extent of their income origins. Did they receive any funding from nations or individuals involved in sponsoring militant Islam? They must give these details before they are considered legitimate. Javed and Teesta have not given any contradicting evidence that they could be part of a jihadi front against the Indian State.
Posted by: Moorthy Muthuswamy, United States, 02-12-2004 at 0919 hours IST

Calling Tavleen Singh’s bluff

Well, Tavleen Singh has always been a biased columnist, if one can call her that. It's a pity to see high profile columnists like her and Swapan Dasgupta who openly flaunt the saffron colours and yet seek to take refuge conveniently under the 'media'.Thanks for exposing such people.
Posted by: roy, India, 02-12-2004 at 0859 hours IST

calling tavleen singh's bluff

great rejoinder. I have always found tavleen to be partisan.
Posted by: ashok chawla, India, 02-12-2004 at 0847 hours IST

Teesta vs. Singh

Ms. Singh is right in that there is a foreign nexus to the anti-India tirades in which many Indian intellectuals get roped in. Various lures are used including visas, travel grants, foreign degrees, hot sex, glamor, fame and of course bribes. That the English language media has sold out is evident from the guest lists at western press/media gatherings where it is payback time.
Posted by: Sabena Roy, United States, 02-12-2004 at 0821 hours IST

Calling Tavleen Singh's bluff

Did Tavleen's column show any bluff or Anand/Teesta,are out trying to malign Tavleen,a daring columnist who is one of the rare Journalists,to call a spade a spade! The article,hides the real issues concerning Zaheera's twists in her statements in a fresh affidavit wherein she had openly detailed how she was induced,to sign on certain blank papers,purportedly used into an affidavit,accompanying her petition before the Supreme Court,to malign several authorities of Gujrat,in the Best Bakery case which is now turning quite murkier.Now that Teesta herself has filed an application before the Sup Court,let's wait for further directions from the Court.As it is,conduct of Teesta,remain dubious.Her in-active role,in the genocide of Sikhs in 84,and a more pro-active role,in the Best Bakery case,gives rise to an impression,that Teesta is "selective" in her mission.Her attack in the present write-up against Tavleen,is a device,to cover up,her dirty role in Zaheera's case.Who had engaged Teesta,to help Zaheera,in the Best Bakery case?Zaheera has denied that she had herself engaged the services of Teesta.How did Teesta reach Zaheera?At whose instance she was engaged,to serve Zaheera and when?
Posted by: pps.ahluwalia, United States, 02-12-2004 at 0801 hours IST

Sources of funding

I was amused to see Ms. Setalvad's indignation of her sources of funding given her focus in maligning hindus and hinduism using slander and bad journalism. This is because not so long ago, Ms. Setalvad and her friends worked very hard to remove legitimate sources of funding for a non-profit org. called IDRF --- the only sin of this NGO was that donations to this NGO was solicitied by hindus interested in helping out with social causes WITHOUT DISCRIMINATING BY RELIGION. However, Ms. Setalvad and her liberal friends in the US academic circles lobbied hard to deprive funds to needy people in India, just because they had a jaundiced view of hindus in general and conservative hindus in particular. I do not know about Ms. Setalvad, but snatching the food from the mouths of already impoverished Indians just for ideological reasons is not only mean, it lacks the very conscience that makes people who work for NGOs do their work. Ms. Setalvad is a hate monger par excellence, and I am glad that someone of the caliblre, integrity, and intellect of Ms. Tavleen Singh took her on. Given her meannes, I can readily believe that Ms. Setalvad twisted Ms. Sheikh's arm to perjure.
Posted by: Harish Bewda, India, 02-12-2004 at 0641 hours IST

Lies and more lies

Ms. Setalvad vehemently denies that she has been equating India to Pakistan:"In her recent column ‘The communalism divide’ (The Sunday Express, Nov 21), the prime target of Ms Singh’s wrath are ‘‘magazines and NGOs who have thrived on maligning India for being a country as fundamentalist as our Islamic neighbours’’And then proceeds to throw mud on Ms. Singh. Let me try to point to the myriad articles by Ms. Setalvad's so-called "communalism combat" that do exactly this:Feb 1999: rewriting historyApril 1999: denying a shared pastJuly 1999: after kargil, kashmirOct. 1999: how textbooks preach prejudiceNov 1999: Talibanisation of Kashmir (don't get fooled by the title)Oct 2001: Stop the "talibanisation" of IndiaNov 2001: militarising hindu societyThe sep. 2002 issue is unparalleled in its leftist bile against hindus and hinduism, which is why Ms. Tavleen Singh correctly points out that Ms. Teesta Setalvad's selective focus on "hindu fundamentalism" and its equivalence to the Taliban, a rhetorical and logical stretch for an informed Indian.Kudos to Ms. Singh for saying what many Indians think when they are confronted with Ms. Setalvad's bigotry and prejudices.
Posted by: Pankaj Agarwal, India, 02-12-2004 at 0625 hours IST

Other CC titles

Since Teesta setalvad has selectively quoted stories to deflect away from the correct accusation by Tavleen singh about Teesta communal attitutes in fighting communalism, I thought readers might like to know the articles on "hindu fundamentalism" from 1998-2004.Firstly, Communalism combat has a "saffronwatch" section in every issue, but strangely there is no "greenwatch"....maybe teesta wants to give the impression that there is no muslim fundamentalism or if there is one, there in no need to keep an eye on muslim fanatics. This was exactly the point that Ms Tavleen Singh made so spectacularly.Now, to the "hindu fundamentalist" articles by Teesta that she failed to mention:Dec 1998:Saffron blight: Rout in Rajasthan, Delhi,July 1998: why don't christians and muslims unite (against the hindus)April 1998: sangh parivar: word and deedFeb. 1998: He Ram! (how the hindu fanatics killed MKG)and many more. Readers should check out Ms. Teesta's claims and read her articles to find out exactly who the real Ms. Setalvad is. every issue and note the bile vented against hindus. Readers should not get fooled by her pious mouthings.
Posted by: Jaswant Mehta, India, 02-12-2004 at 0545 hours IST

The Truth is ...

Here are some truth (verifiable) about "Sabrang", the poster-boy of the above commies:1. For years, the official sabrang logo was a map of India and pakistan where J&K, Rajasthan and Gujarat were a part of Pakistan and North-east was missing.When confronted and told about legal action, the logo was removed with a statement from Teesta Setalvad "It was a map drawn by a child ... this shows the insecurities we are living with".2. Click on the "sponsors" for Sabrang. The link is no longer functional. It will get functional once the rabid India-hating sponsors names have been hidden or "polished".3. A cursory glance at Sabrang will give anyone the CORRECT impression of the kind of work these rabid commies are involved in, leave alone what they have been doing for years.Statistics never tell a complete picture and not so when reality is hitting you on the face.
Posted by: Surendra Shukla, United States, 02-12-2004 at 0443 hours IST

Barking down the wrong tree

Good to see a rabie-infested commie-dog finally barking though, even if it's barking under the wrong tree.We are INDEED interested in knowing your source of "funding" though Mr. Javed "Anand" and Ms Teesta Seetalvad.
Posted by: Surendra Shukla, United States, 02-12-2004 at 0432 hours IST

Well done CC!!

Well done CC. I have visted several times. One has to be blind to state that it's promoting Muslim fundamentalism or is soft on it. Your track record is immaculate. Keep up the good work!!! There's no place for any form of communalism in today's world and it has to be combatted with all our collective strength.
Posted by: In Germany, Germany, 02-12-2004 at 0357 hours IST

All for money

I, along with many of the Indians, consider both Teesta and Tavleen as biased. Whatever justification Teesta may give, she is more interested in making news and getting money for the her NGO. We never heard what she did when two of congress MPs were exonerated of Sikhs riots and today they are MP. What she did to help the sikhs victim? What she is doing for hindu victims who have been burned to death? What she is doing to bring to the justice those politians who are charged with rape, murder etc and belong to so called secularist camp? We need to look at the reason why these kind of genocide happens. One is the emotion reason, like killing of Indira gandhi or churning to death of train passengers. But equally responsible is our justice system. Justice delayed is justice denied. Till now, no body was sentenced for the train burning crime. Everyone big, involved in the sikh riots, are exonerated.Teesta is more interested in giving justice to the ones who died in the aftermath, rather than one who burned the train knowing well that there will be repurcussion.
Posted by: Shashank Deep, United States, 02-12-2004 at 0349 hours IST

Calling Teesta's Bluff

When Zaheera Sheikh called the bluff of Ms. Setalvad by exposing Ms. Setalvad's push to get Zaheera to perjure herself in court, a lot of people suddenly started paying attention to this communal combatter. Anyone who reads communalism combat will know it low standard of journalistic integrity. Hearsay and opinion masquerade as facts, but readers should find out for themselves, instead of taking my word for it.Now, that the bluff has been called on the "communalism combat techniques" of Ms. Setalvad and Sabrang communications, and apparently perjuring in court is perfectly acceptable if the lies are meant to combat communalism. Instead of answering her own questionable journalistic credentials, Ms. Setalvad chooses to resort to ad hominem attacks on Ms. Tavleen Singh, who has always been completely intellectually honest in her writing (and I love her articles for that) -- the case of a pot calling a piece of crystal black. Satyameva Jayate, as always, and I am sure the truth will out about the lies peddled by Ms. Setalvad.
Posted by: Amit Sanyal, United States, 02-12-2004 at 0331 hours IST

Zaheera has spoken

My heart goes out to Zaheera and the gujarat victims, but I am infuriated that a person in such a plight would be taken advantage of by the likes of Teesta Setalvad. Instead of defending herself, she "shoots the messenger" Tavleen Singh, who is one of the most secular and intellectually honest journalists in India today.As for Ms. Setalvad's complaint on being called "anti-national", perhaps I should remind readers here that she had Kashmir as part of pakistan on the sabrang website from 1993 upto 2000, when concerned citizens forced her to accept that it was wrong to portray kashmir as part of pakistan. I have read many issues of Communalism Combat, and my opinion is that it's journalism is third rate, and most times borders on hate mongering under the guise of "fighting injustice". Injustice can only be fought by telling the truth, and not by lying, Ms. Setalvad. It is time you learnt that lesson instead of raging at the inimitable Ms. Tavleen Singh. The editors at the Indian express must be thanked for giving me the pleasure of reading Ms. Singh's column and for presenting the incoherent response by Ms. Setalvad.
Posted by: paneerselvan, India, 02-12-2004 at 0324 hours IST

Communalism combat expose

Teesta Setalvad's penchant for twisting falsehoods is as strong as ever. She tries to mislead readers and cast aspersions on Ms. Tavleen Singh's competence and character, by providing selective titles from her so-called "communalism combat". Readers should pick up a copy of Ms. Setalvad's rag to understand why Ms. Setalvad is not only a communal person but also one prone to lying to prove a point.It annoys me that the best the authors could do is throw mud on Ms. Tavleen singh. Ms. Setalvad says "there is not one petro-dollar used in her magazine". Given that she has already been shown to be a liar, why should we believe her?Keep up the good work, Ms. Singh. I love your intellectual honesty that rips the mask off these hate-mongers pretending to fight communalism. Ms. Setalvad is infamous for her website showing kashmir as part of pakistan for close to a decade before she was forced to change it on public outrage. Such is the "nationalism" of this combatters of communalism.Thank you, IE, for your fair coverage.
Posted by: Jeremy Selvan, India, 02-12-2004 at 0317 hours IST

Dont get fooled by the title

I urge readers to not get fooled by Teesta Setalvad's pious posturings, and more importantly her "list of topics" addresses by communalism combat. I urge readers to read one of the articles to see the nature of Teesta Setalvad's bigotry and communalism. Readers will then understand why Ms. Setalvad had to resort to name calling and rubbishing the good name of Ms. Tavleen Singh.Great job by Tavleen Singh and IE in exposing the face of these communal hatemongers pretending to be our saviours.
Posted by: Sri ram, India, 02-12-2004 at 0308 hours IST

"journalistic integrity"

It is quite funny to see all the frothing at the mouth by Teesta Setalvad and Javed Anand. After having been proven to be liars who are not beyond pushing riot victims to perjure themselves, these so-called journalists are now trying to convince us readers that it is the fault of the inimitable Tavleen Singh for spelling out the truth and contradictions and the history of Communalism combat in profiting from riots and mayhem. For those who are unaware, Communalism Combat had shown a map of India without kashmir and with kashmir belonging to pakistan since 1993. It took many years of efforts by concerned citizens to get Teesta and her cabal to (1) accept that it was wrong to portray kashmir as part of pakistan and (2) to change the image on their website.Teesta Stalvad is known to be a communal hate-monger, for her interaction with other communal minded groups like "Friends of South Asia" and FOIL. Sabrang communications has been in the frontline of spreading misinformation about the state of affairs in India. Kudos to Ms. Tavleen Singh for ripping the mask from the face of these hate mongering bigots pretending to fight communalism. Kudos to IE too.Best regards,
Posted by: Jayesh Mehta, India, 02-12-2004 at 0302 hours IST

Gieven Teesta's anti-India and pro-Pakistan stand, GOI should revoke her Indian citizenship and ship her to Pakistan!

Majority of these muslim and Hindu-born-pro-muslim women in India yak their mouths about liberty, justice and equality, while living in a land that offers them this security, liberty, and provides them opportunities to develop themselves as individuals. They take advantage of the secularity and liberalism of India, and don't know what to do with all this freedom that they have here as Indian muslim women.

Let them all be shipped to Pakistan and Bangladesh, where they can "enjoy" to their heart's content the large doses of "justice, equality, and liberty" meted to muslim women.

Reminds me of the situation of a Bangladeshi muslim woman who was a domestic worker (illegal) in a neighbor's house in Mumbai. During the BJP government, many of these illegal workers were deported back to Bangladesh. When she heard the news that she had to go back, she began weeping in front of her employers. The neighbour pacified her and said that she should be happy and look forward to her return, because she was going back to her own native land and be among her own family and people. But the Bangladeshi woman replied that she had enjoyed her freedom in India as a muslim woman, because she had felt free to do what she liked, dress as she liked, and have the oportunity to work outside the home, earn a living, and be independent, whereas the women in her conservative village in Bangladesh were not allowed to dress as they liked, work outside the home, make their own decisions, and enjoy a life-style as they pleased.

It is ironic that many muslim and anti-hindu women, such as Teesta and Shabana Azmi, whine and flap their mouths about oppression and injustices against muslims, while living securely as a muslim and a woman in liberal societies. I'm sure that they are aware (or are they not?) that they wouldn't be able to survive even for a week with their attitudes and life-styles in any Mullahstan. The same can be said of muslim women living in the west.

I guess these women don't know what to do with all that freedom that they enjoy in India. They should be exiled to Pakistan or Bangladesh, since all their sympathies seem to lie across the border. Let them, as women, have a taste of the "justice" and "freedom" that these Mullahstans mete out to their women. I'd like to see for how long, or whether they will at all, flap their mouths in these countries, as they have been doing in India.

Nice to see that a fight has erupted between a traitor and a secular
has been.

Teesta Setalvad(or is it Ayesha Pig?)

This traitor is trying to preach "Journalistic ethics "when her motives
and methods are questioned.She suddenly becomes a "journalist"
whenever questions are raised about her source of funds so that
she can shout hoarse about "assault on secular media"That
this "journalist"'s pathetic journal does not even have a circulation
of 2500!says a lot about her immense popularity!

Her main grouse against Tavleen Singh seems to be that that more people
seem to read what Tavleen writes compared to her tripe.
What ethics is she practicing when she is defending terrorists and
her fellow traitors?

She states in her "defence"that she has written about genocide in B'desh etc.etc.
Who is she trying to fool?How many times has she visited Kashmir?or Marad?
to take up the cause of Hindu victims?Obiously ISI doesn't fund such trips
We have seen her jumping to the defence of every single musla criminal
and trying to subvert the investigation process.
Notice how cleverly she states that she has not received a single"petro-dollar"
Wow!how nice!ISI funding doesn't obviously get labelled as "petro-dollar"
as Porkistan is not considered an oil producing nation even if the
money is laundered Saudi cash.
She claims that her company's finances are audited.Big deal.
We know it's a front.A criminal enterprise can exist and operate
with slush funds without showing them in the books.

As per her own admission if she is perpetually short of funds,
who is financing her frequent trips to Delhi and overseas?

This Islamic sewer pig must be investigated and exposed before
more Macaulay putras start believing her trash.

Tavleen Singh:

She went to Deoband and the Mullas threw her out for not wearing a
Burkha and so, this hardcore secularist got egg on her face and lo and
behold!she turns anti -islamic.Well,I think we should send every
female journalist to Deoband for lessons in secularism.

She is the one who coined the "famous" phrase "Lunatic fringe".
She must be told that because of the presence of the HINDU LUNATIC
FRINGE,she has been saved from the SAVAGE ISLAMIC CORE and she is alive to write about secularism.

May the fight continue.


She is a paid agent of western interests ready to destablise india at her masters behest.

Ankur, NAWO, CORD, Awaaz-e-Niswan, FORWARD,
Asmita, Kali for Women, Manushi, Nirantar, Shakti
Salini, Akshara, FAOW, Sabarang are all traitors.


Tavleen V/s Teesta

Tavleen deserves the gratitude of entire nation for exposing the trojan horses who will go to any length to malign Hindus, India, & Indian culture. Time has now come to take the fight against these elements into their battleground. The only reason India is sacular is it's Hindu majority.Can these Pseudo saculars show evenone Muslim majority place on the globe which is sacular & where a non muslim is allowed to live in peace & dignity? History shows that muslims talk about secularisn when the5 are 15%, demand seperate homeland when they reach 25% & Kill or convert all non Muslims where they are over 50%

Posted by: Rajeev, India, 04-12-2004 at 1143 hours IST

Calling Teesta's bluff

Teesta may do well to rename her magazine to Hindu Bashing or something. The token articles on Christian or Islamic fundamentalism clearly proves the dishonest and partisan nature of Teesta and Javed because they have gone to the extent of threatening, harassing, coercing the witnesses to give statements in certain way. She has been discredited (not that there was any need for it) by Zaheera and her relatives as mere opportunist trying to get some media attention, cheap publicity and lots of money from petro-dollar nations and Christian evengelicals.

Teesta and Javed have not specified

- source of their funding
- their motive behind selective (read anti-Hindu) "combat"
- for removing Jammu and Kashmir and the Northeast from the Indian map on their website
- being an NGO and all (according to Teesta and Javed's claim) how come they have no example where they fought for (a) Kashmiri Pandit (b) Godhra Hindus burned alive (c) innocent Sikhs murdered during riots in 1984 perpetrated by Congress politicians

And why does IE provide space for a "rejoinder" to discredited people like Teesta and Javed against whom the witnesses have provided legal affidavit?

Posted by: Akshay, India, 04-12-2004 at 0610 hours IST

Choice of words gives teesta real face

Genocide== Economic boycot of muslim in godhara

MOvement== Wiping out kashmiri pandits from valley by muslims there. Let us not fool ourselves without connivance of local muslims this wud have benn impossible to manage by pakistani terrorists

Posted by: Anil Kumar, Bolivia, 04-12-2004 at 0415 hours IST

Combat Teesta Type Communalists Too

Tavleen Singh is right when she alleges that Teesta Setalvad has thrived on maligning India for being a country as fundamentalist as our Islamic neighbors. As a matter of fact Teesta Setalvad has left no stone unturned. Anybody witness to Teesta's messages at any international stage will come back with a feeling that India is Bosnia or worse Pakistan.

And what is this nonsense about Combating Communalism. If there is anything that needs to be combated it is the likes of Teesta's magazine. For crying out loud just have a cursory look at the magazine Communalism Combat. Despite Teesta's slam bang effort at listing her oh so equal treatment for Islamic communalism (many of the titles just being mere facades) freakin thing hits you on the face. The journal is nothing but a hideous replica of Saamna magazine!

Then by Teesta's standards, even Bal Thackeray can call himself an impassioned NGO.

Posted by: Robin Mitra, India, 04-12-2004 at 0401 hours IST

Teesta exposed herself

Teesta, Hoping that you will read these comments, I would say that you have exposed yourself and I thank courageous writer tavleen singh. As a neutral reader, when I glanced through your CC and activities of your suspecious organization that claim to combat communalism, I would say it is purely Hinduism Combat, and if you have the courage and truthfulness, come to the open and fight Hinduism. Your dubious and one-sided reports on Gujarat and silence on the plight of the Hindus all over India is a testimony to your anti-Hindu attitude. I hope you will disclose your source of funding if you believe you have nothing to conceal.

Posted by: Jeeva Dutta, United States, 04-12-2004 at 0316 hours IST


Pakistani Lies and Deception said...

Tavleen Singh is right when she alleges that Teesta Setalvad has thrived on maligning India for being a country as fundamentalist as our Islamic neighbors. As a matter of fact Teesta Setalvad has left no stone unturned.

The degree with which Teesta Setalvad scorns upon Gujaratis knows no bounds. The year was 2000 when neither Godhra nor its aftermath had occurred - Islamic terrorists had just butchered some 100 pilgrims to Amarnath.

This letter should be an eye opener for those bitten by the “Teesta the activist” humbug. Read it, only Teesta can conjure this bizarre correlation where Islamic terrorists kill Hindu pilgrims and the complain is that Muslims are targets of Hindu militancy!

I’d like to point to another piece of interest as well. A conference if you will. In 2003 Teesta and her cohorts were invited to speak on a seminar in Washington DC. The topic of discussion was Hindu Nationalism vs. Islamic Jihad: Religious Militancy in South Asia. Remember this discussion is about religious militancy in all of South Asia. Only the lord can be witness that religious militancy in India is not even a speck of what it is with our Islamic neighbors. Anyway the moderator Tim Shah before handing off the mike to Teesta, John Prabhudoss and Kamal Chenoy Mitra, started off with a two liner - the condition of Christians in Pakistan and then the entire jury went ballistic on Hindu militancy in India - specifically Gujarat! Needless to say the discussion could have been only on India and Hindu militancy.

The proceedings of this conference can be read at:,pubID.1533/pub_detail.asp

A note on the sponsors of this meeting is essential. One of the co-sponsors was Ethics and Public Policy Center, Washington DC. The other co-sponsor was INFEMIT. While INFEMIT is unambiguously the international network of evangelical mission theologians and practitioners - The Ethics and Public Policy Center was established in 1976 purportedly to clarify and reinforce the bond between the Judeo-Christian moral tradition and domestic and foreign policy issues. EPPC then became instrumental in the passage of Freedom from Religious Persecution Act, which set up the US Commission for Int’l Religious Freedom/USCIRF. The annual reports of the USCIRF and its censure of India are well known.

So, what motivates one to audit fellow Indians with the intention of inviting the admonishment of a foreign nation? Why does one depose with so much prejudice to a foreign decision maker, knowing fully well that it is Indians - all of them - that will be censured and sanctioned as a result? Who benefits - if India gets sanctioned?

Charging Teesta Setalvad with maligning India, Tavleen Singh asks exactly these questions.

And if one hears Teesta’s spiel from the linked forum – the above is precisely what Teesta was doing.

In all her appearances abroad, it is Teesta Setalvad’s zeal to attack Gujaratis, Gujaratis only and no one else that is apparent. There is as much evidence that Teesta has taken up causes for Muslims outside of Gujarat or Muslims in other BJP ruled states as there is for her spirit for non-Muslim victims of injustice. For example Teesta has hardly much to show for Muslims in UP even when the BJP ruled there or the BJP governed Madhya Pradesh. Apparently there are no Hindutva laboratories in these states waiting to be hatched. Yeah, she had a good run with the Mumbai blasts of 1992 which brought her into limelight, but come on she has single-handedly taken Gujarat to just another level.

So, why this extraordinary attachment with Gujarat?

Of all bordering states with Pakistan or Bangladesh - Gujarat and Rajasthan are the only ones that have not been largely affected by the machinations of Pakistan. Islamic population in Rajasthan is not significant. But that is not the case in Gujarat, where there is a critical mass. In comparison, Gujarat is extremely prosperous as well. As practiced and perfected in Punjab, Pakistan just needs to fire the pot of dissatisfaction and lo there is a nice unstable border state. Even one carefully chosen representative - one person with a nice high profile working relentlessly for the right money - can keep that pot stirring once the fire is lit.

Teesta's pressure against the strong Hindu ethos of Gujaratis has been systematic and sustained for over ten years now. This is only against Gujarat and Gujarat alone. Go thru older issues of Communalism Combat. The magazine has been targeting Gujarat since its inaugural issue that is available online. Even prior to Godhra or its aftermath the stories were just as horrendous, the propaganda just as fervent. Sometimes I wonder if Teesta herself had a role in the incineration of the train in Godhra. Her reaction just hours after the carnage published in several international dailies already point to a sinister motive. Despite her best efforts to destabilize Gujarat – a bulwark of a state against Pakistan - none of her innumerable efforts prior to Feb 2002 bore any fruit. But setting a train full of hindutvawadis on fire brought to fore the alchemy of this Hindutva laboratory - a laboratory she had repeatedly constructed in her messages but one that had shown no signs of existence at all. It was that proverbial “I told ya so” moment.

So the carnage set the required fire. Only what remained now was that one kept the pot continuously stirred. Take it up with International organizations of various hues - have the US body on religious freedom castigate Gujarat - run ad campaigns - speak courageously as a guest lecturer all around the world - write letters to world leaders. Teesta already had a head start in the propaganda. Only reinforcement was needed. The construct that Muslims in Gujarat are simply unsafe had to be real. The world needed to believe it fully. The Muslims themselves in Gujarat needed to believe it.

This is what I call setting the stage for discontent. For, tomorrow when we hear of the ad nauseam "indigenous struggle for the aspirations of the Gujarati Muslims" – with man, material and moral support from Pakistan – the world should gulp it hook, line and sinker.

Teesta Setalvad has worked tirelessly to bring this to fruition.

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