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Godhra: Nanavati-Shah Commission summonses Justice Banerjee Committee

One Godhra panel summons another
[ Sunday, November 20, 2005 TIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

AHMEDABAD: The Nanavati-Shah commission on Saturday issued summons to Justice U C Banerjee Committee probing the Godhra train carnage and asked the committee to produce the reports by railway authorities concerning the cause of the fire in coach S-6 of Sabarmati Express on February 27, 2002.

This is the first time such summons have been issued by this commission, since its institution in 2002.

The Banerjee committee has already sent copies of its interim report and 76 testimonies of witnesses examined by it, to the commission.

In its last communication, it had sought time to produce the rest of the documents saying they were "voluminous". The committee had also said that since the inquiry was still on it was difficult to produce papers.

Justice (retd) G T Nanavati and Justice (retd) K G Shah took a serious note of this and said, "It was difficult to appreciate how in this age of modernisation," the committee was taking such refuge.

The summons were issued to the secretary of the committee to produce these documents. The Banerjee committee, in its interim report, had said that the fire appeared like an accident.

Soon after this report became public, the VHP, through its counsel had sought copies of the report from the Banerjee panel.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Delhi Serial Blasts : FOIL rationalises and Rejoicing

FROM : "Raja Swamy"
Email :

Hindu Middle roaders (those who pretend to sit on the fence until some
shit happens after which they join the chorus of majoritarianism) talk
like this about the "community" being the problem - this is nothing
but a bunch of crap. first, we dont even know who the hell did this.
Secondly even if it were LeT or Al_CIAda, it is utterly wrong to think
that those of Muslim heritage have anything more to answer for this
than say Bhutanese Buddhist monks lounging in a dhaba in Thimpu have
to answer for the fascism of Sinhalese JVP Buddhist nuts.

Did these superintelligent Aryabhattas* demand that all Hindus somehow
explain why Hinduvadis massacred thousands of Muslims in Gujarat?

Did he read this

'Post-Godhra toll: 254 Hindus, 790 Muslims' -- SECULAR GOVERNMENT FIGURES

'Post-Godhra toll: 254 Hindus, 790 Muslims'


that case the "community" was actively engaged in the violence
alongside the troglodytes in khaki chaddis - hah, Hindu rashtra did
not sail into the scene like a pack of cuddly rabbits. HMRs are quick
to slip on a victim complex with one eye open and the other
permanently shut in a permanent state of terminal Nirvana. When an
outrage like Delhi happens, they turn furiously towards us pretending
to be all seeing, and demand why Muslims exist.

Unless these cretinous HMRs kick their own lumpen alter-egos in the
nuts and thereby wrench open both eyes, the Hindu Taliban will only
grow in proportion to the slimeballs on the other side of the fascist


* HMRs (thanks to the cool dude who coined this word - you know who
you are!) tend to be overrepresented among certain demographic
clusters like engineers, computer scientists, corporate types, believe
piously in a variety of smiling and smirking multi-armed deities, and
dont question the illogic of associating everything good with "Hindu
culture" and everything awful with "outsiders," "invaders," and
"aliens" even as they type their pious invectives about "outsiders"
from cushy silicon valley or similarly endowed corporate offices.


FROM : Amalorpavanathan

Where are we getting to? Everytime a terrorist attack takes
place ,every muslim,man,woman and child in this country should swear
that they dont support terrorism?
Do we apply the same logic in
Gujarat. Did we apply the same logic in Staines gruesome murder.
terrorist let it be said has no religion and so are his /her

a TERRORIST ???? WOOOOOO ! This guy is needs psychiatric treatment

Then people who killed innocents are FREEDOM FIGHTERS in his view .
This is Language of Anti-India, Anti-Hindu

supporters.Let us not treat the ordinary hindu and muslim differently.
When the mutt head in Kanchi was apprehended how many Hindu
organisations and individuals came out in support of rule of law which
does not distinguish between persons of different occupations.

FROM :Kaleem Kawaja

Mr Wasnik,
Your allegation that terrorists (who may be Muslims) were able to
blasts in the shopping Centers in New Delhi, because some Muslim
etc helped them is a very irresponsible statement.

Tell me how Naxalites and Maoists (who are mostly not Muslims or
commit so many acts of terrorism in India? In the non-Muslim,
Indian community suporting them?

Kaleem Kawaja


-----Original Message-----
Behalf Of vibe wasnik
Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2005 7:37 PM
Subject: Re: [india-unity] A.I.M. Condemns New Delhi Blasts, Expresses
sympathy with victims

HI friends,
I really want to know as to how come these
terrorists even accomplished something so dirty. Do
these people get some kind of a support from some
fanatic elements of the muslim community.

What I am tryign to get to is, when the
terrorists come to india, they obviously don't live in
hindu localities, because first of all they are
muslims and the second thing is they might look
extremly suspicious if they are planning out
terrorists activities.

Now if we assume that all the muslims in
india are against islamic terrorism then we have the
following alternatives.
These people must be living in muslim
communities. Now I don't think that these terrorist
live completely isolated. Because if they did then,
the muslim community may get suspicous of their
intentions, Also if these people really mix well with
the muslims taking this problem in to consideration,
some non terrorist muslims must be atleast getting
hints of what these terrorists are up to.

With the whole muslim community being
potrayed as terrorists, I feel that the whole muslim
community should be completely against these lumpen
elements, and if that is the case, I don't think it
would have been really difficult to snuff these
terrorists out,before they accomplish anything. The
only way that the terrorists could have accomplished
something so drastic if there is a non negligible
fractoin of indian muslims who actually back these
people up. If this is the case I feel that it is not
just condemnation from the muslim community that will
get rid of problems of this kind but, a whole hearted
effort by the muslims to really check the lumpen
elements in its community. Because like it or not, it
will be really difficult to answer to the likes of
thackeray if we cannot answer to allegations like,
muslims cheer pakistan during india pak matches.
Condemnations of terrorist acts by the community will
really look shallow under such circumstances.


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Mau riots , why you are silence ? In future don't counsel ......

I demand to know why Muslims, Christians and secular Hindu organizations which were so vocal about the backlash aftermath of the Godhra massacre of 26 Hindu women and children, are so deafeningly silent about what has happened in Mau. If they do not speak up now, then they should keep their counsel, for it will not be relevant in the future. Their silence on the bogus cases filed on the Kanchi Shankaracharyas has already radicalized Hindus.


IntelliBriefs: Mau riots early warning for all patriotic Indians

Sunday, October 16, 2005

MODI's BJP won Karnavati municipal body

BJP wrests control of Ahmedabad municipal body

Manas Dasgupta

Returns to power after five years, securing more than a two-thirds majority

Of the 129 seats, the BJP claimed 96 seats leaving only 32 to the Congress
State BJP confident of similar favourable results in the coming panchayat and municipal elections

AHMEDABAD: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi led the Bharatiya Janata Party to an impressive victory in the elections to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC).

The BJP wrested control of the State's most important municipal corporation from the Congress, securing more than a two-thirds majority in the 129-member civic body.

It claimed 96 seats, leaving only 32 to the Congress while a lone seat went to an independent. The Akhil Bharatiya Jana Sangh, put up to challenge the BJP with the support of the anti-Modi factions within the party, was wiped out.

The BJP returns to power in the city civic body after a gap of five years. In the 2000 elections the Congress elbowed it out, ending its uninterrupted 13-year rule. The BJP's defeat last time was one of the major setbacks to the former Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel, who has now risen in revolt against Mr. Modi.

Single-handed fight

Mr. Modi fought the elections almost single-handedly against the combined opposition of the Congress and the BJP dissidents.

Barely three days before Thursday's polling, the differences within the Sangh Parivar reached a crescendo following a police raid on the office of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad city general secretary, Ashwin Patel, who, Mr. Modi believed, was behind the numerous anonymous anti-BJP pamphlets distributed all over the city.

While there was a virtual revolt by dissidents, who refused to participate even in coordination committee meetings, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh volunteers, hitherto diehard supporters of Mr. Modi, kept away from electioneering and the VHP came out almost openly against the BJP.

VHP sources admitted that Mr. Modi and VHP international general secretary Pravin Togadia, who hails from Ahmedabad, were almost not on talking terms after BJP president L.K. Advani called Pakistan founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah `secular' and the Chief Minister stood by him.

Mr. Advani was Mr. Modi's "saviour" in the face of dissident attacks against his leadership.

The search of Mr. Patel's office premises further led to the VHP abandoning the BJP in the civic polls. It is likely to maintain its stance also in the panchayat and the municipal elections later this month.

While a number of Central ministers and senior leaders campaigned for the Congress, for Mr. Modi it was almost a lone battle.

Morale booster to party

The victory in the AMC has boosted the morale of the BJP with the second round of local self government elections round-the-corner; 23 district panchayats, 209 taluk panchayats and 49 municipalities go to the polls on October 25.

The resignation last week by the three senior BJP leaders, Mr. Patel, the former Union Minister, Kashiram Rana, and the former State president, Rajendrasinh Rana, from the committee to select candidates for the panchayat and municipal elections was enough indication that the dissidents were in no mood to cooperate with Mr. Modi.

"Dissidents helping rebels"

Party sources admitted that some of the dissident MLAs from Ahmedabad as well as some VHP leaders owing allegiance to Mr. Keshubhai Patel were helping the rebel BJP or independent candidates. In some cases they even openly campaigned against the BJP.

State BJP president Vajubhai Vala said the outcome of the AMC elections demonstrated the people's confidence in the BJP to take the "mega city" and the State on the path of development.

He said he was confident that favourable results would come for the party in the panchayat and municipal elections as well

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Naendra Modi snubbed US Consulate General Michael S Owen

Glad to hear that Modi snubbed the US Consulate General Michael S Owen. I have seen many foreign countires treat our leaders shabilly and we still go and fall on their feet. It is time to give back in the same coin.Look how Britain told that they cannot guarantee Modi's safety if he comes to Britian. I think it is true they cannot even gurantee their own citizens safety after granting all these terrorists safe haven.These so called champions of human rights are giving these terrorists safe haven to score against India. Remember the creation of pakistan itself was a job by Britian and now Britain itself has become vulnerable. The only job the terrorists know is to kill others where ever they are and giving assylum makes those countries vulnerable to these attacks.

-- Gokul

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Do not criticise elected government, minorities told

The Hindu 4/9/05

Do not criticise elected government, minorities told

Special Correspondent

It will be preposterous to question the sincerity of the Government: NCM chief

JAIPUR: The Chairman of the National Commission for Minorities, Tarlochan Singh, on Saturday called upon the minority communities to discard the habit of criticising democratically elected governments with constant complaints of "perceived discrimination.'' He said the fear psychosis created among the minorities would harm them in the long run.

Mr. Singh was interacting with reporters during his visit to attend a function of the Sikh Sangat here. He said minorities had no right to denounce the elected governments as the latter had the people's mandate in their favour. "Holding the Government or the ruling party responsible for communalism in the society is improper,'' he said.

Mr. Singh — who is also a Rajya Sabha MP — pointed out that an elected government was answerable to the people at large irrespective of who voted for it and a Chief Minister was duty-bound to fulfil the aspirations of the entire population of the State. It would be preposterous to question the sincerity of the Government, he said.

The Minorities Commission chief said he had led a delegation of Muslims that met the Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, in the aftermath of violence in 2002, when Muslims had announced boycott of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led Government. The grievances of the community were settled in a "congenial atmosphere'' with his intervention.

On the observations of the Prime Minister's high-level committee that visited Rajasthan recently to study the socio-economic and educational status of Muslims, Mr. Singh said he did not find any atmosphere of fear, distrust or terror among Muslims in the State.

Friday, September 02, 2005

PM praised Narendra Modi at National Integration Council

AHMEDABAD, Sept. 1. — The Gujarat government today claimed that Dr Manmohan Singh had praised Mr Narendra Modi during the NIC meeting in Delhi for his “development work done after the Gujarat riots,” adds a reort from Gandhinagar. According to a government release here tonight, the Prime Minister had praised the development work undertaken by Mr Modi for rehabilitation of the riot victims of Gujarat after the matter was raised by the CPI-M general secretary, Mr Prakash Karat. The release said that during his speech Dr Singh said in connection with Mr Karat’s queries that “the Council will be pleased to know that the rehabilition work in Gujarat is going on well”. — PTI

Friday, August 26, 2005

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Neurologist: Sodomy "Common" in Mother Teresa's Orphanage

Neurologist: Sodomy "Common" in Mother Teresa's Orphanage


Sanjeev K Ahuja
Gurgaon, August 23, 2005
Hindustan Times

The Deepashram orphanage at Gurgaon — for mentally and physically challenged children — has found itself in a controversy after an Italian neurologist complained to the Vatican Embassy about sexual abuse of children at the home.

The neurologist, Dr Franco, had worked as a volunteer at Deepashram, established by Mother Teresa in 1995, for six months a couple of years ago. Brothers Contemplative — the male wing of Missionaries of Charity — manages the home, which has 66 boys aged between 12 and 26.

Franco registered his complaint at the Apostolic Nunciature, Chanakyapuri. Second secretary of the Apostolic Nunciature, Father Tomasz Grysa, said they received the “communication from Dr Franco” in February this year. The case has been referred to the hierarchical superiors of the Missionaries of Charity Brothers, Father Grysa said.

At the orphanage, volunteers did not rule out the possibility of sexual abuse of younger inmates by the older ones. Brother Benedict, a volunteer from Rome, said: “If any case of this kind is reported to us, the guilty boys are punished.”

Abdullah, a 15-year-old inmate, said it was “common” for the older boys to sodomise the younger boys at night when no one was on guard. He accused a 24-year-old of sodomising a 12-year-old. “Bahut se bachche yahan par ganda kaam karte hain,” he said.

Brother Benedict and attendants dismissed the allegation. Abdullah was shifted from the children’s home at Majnu Ka Tila to Gurgaon as he was a troublemaker, Brother Benedict said.

Another volunteer at the orphanage, Dr Wanda Toso from San Raffele Hospital in Milan, told HT that Franco had also told her about child abuse at Deepashram. She, however, did not have any personal confirmation from the boys as she did not speak Hindi.

“I have not been able to interact with the children,” Toso said.

TEESTA ! Pat Robertson calls for assassination of Venezuelan president

Teesta can you condemnm this !
How can a christian priest calls for assassination , Jesus christ ! Imagine if a hindu seer gave a call for assassination of Musharraf ... MY gooood .. U AND U R SABRANG WOULD HAVE WAGED A BLITZREIGE CAMPAIGNED IN MEDIA AND YOU MIGHT HAVE FLOWN TO USA FOR TESTIFYING BEFORE CONGRESS , HELL WILL FALL ON HINDUS ALL OVER THE WORLD and WE CAN WATCH STARS IN THE DAYLIGHT.


Christian Coalition leader Pat Robertson calls for assassination of Venezuelan president

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Must read article for all who love India , which exposes the dirty role of NGO's in decimating Hindus


Thursday, August 11, 2005

SIKH RIOTS : I bow my head in shame, says PM

I bow my head in shame, says PM

Thursday, 11 August , 2005, 14:53

New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday said in the Rajya Sabha that it was time for introspection so that ‘ghastly incidents’ like the 1984 anti-Sikh riots never take place in the country.

Intervening in a discussion on a censure motion on the Nanavati Commission report, he said the House was discussing an issue having grave implications for the country.

He said 4,000 people had been killed in ‘this great national tragedy’ in 1984. This was an occasion for introspection to ensure that such ghastly incidents never took place


Teesta Setalvad !

Can you issue a statement and go to Human Rights commission , ask them to bring the culprits to book .

Monday, August 08, 2005

Teesta ! Can you condemn now ? SIKH Carnage was organised by Congress leaders: Nanavati

Teesta ,
Can you come out and shout with the same tone as you did for BEST BAKERY and GUJARAT

Come on... admit that you are nasty hypocrite .

Pramod Kumar Singh/ New Delhi

Justice GT Nanavati Commission report on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots is certain to resurrect the ghost of the biggest ever holocaust of post-independence India.
Nanavati report tabled 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom

Describing the riots of 1984 as an "organised carnage," the report says, "local Congress leaders and workers had either incited or helped the mobs in attacking the Sikhs. But for the backing and help of influential and resourceful persons, killing of Sikhs so swiftly and in large numbers could not have happened."

Although the report exonerates the Congress High Command, it indicts Delhi Police of dereliction of duty and points an accusing finger at prominent Congress MPs of the time, notably Dharam Das Shastri, HKL Bhagat, Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler.

As regards individuals, the report recommends reopening all such cases against Outer Delhi Member of Parliament Sajjan Kumar, which have been declared "untraced". In the case of Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs Jagdish Tytler, the commission is not very clear about the former's involvement but nonetheless seeks a re-examination.

Justice Nanavati in his overall consideration for the genocide that took place on Delhi roads in the aftermath of the assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on October 31, 1984 has written: "The systematic manner in which the Sikhs were thus killed indicate that the attacks were organised.

The exploitation of the situation was also by the local political leaders for their political and personal gains like increasing the clout by showing their importance, popularity and hold over the masses. Lack of fear of the police was also one of the causes for the happening of so many incidents within those three to four days. Probably, there was a desire on the part of some persons to teach a lesson to the Sikhs."

That the capital was engulfed in anti-Sikh frenzy at the instigation of Delhi Congress leaders was amply manifested in Sultanpuri area, which housed the lower strata of society. In Sultanpuri, the attacks on Sikhs were on a very large scale and the commission has found the footprints of Outer Delhi MP and Delhi Congress strongman Sajjan Kumar.

The affidavits of persons residing in Blocks A and B disclose that in the morning of November 1, 1984, a mob of about 500 to 600 persons gathered near B-2 park and was addressed by Sajjan Kumar who reportedly instigated them to attack the Sikhs for killing Indira Gandhi. The mob was raising slogans such as "Khoon ka badla khoon". More than 50 people were killed during the attacks and more than 650 houses were looted and burnt.

Sumer Singh, Phota Singh, Sidhouri Kaur, Jatan Kaur and Prem Kaur in their statements before the commission specifically named Sajjan Kumar as the person who addressed the mob on that day and incited it to attack Sikhs. Vidya Devi whose husband was burnt alive named Sajjan Kumar for the death of her husband.

Moti Singh of B Block has stated that on the morning of November 1, Sajjan Kumar clearly told the mob that had gathered near B-block to take revenge and had even promised cash rewards for those who killed specific Sikh leaders.

As if that was not enough, Amarjit Kaur of Chand Colony had spoken about the killing of her husband Captain Nazar Singh Mangat. She had specifically named Sajjan Kumar as the person who led the mob, which killed her husband by burning him alive.

Sajjan has also been named for his role in Nangloi area that also witnessed largescale arson and killing. According to an affidavit filed by Satnam Singh, Sajjan Kumar held a meeting in Matiala and Navada villages near Kiran Garden and instigated them to attack Sikhs and loot their properties. The MP also allegedly distributed iron rods to the mob after which the frenzy began.

Coming down heavily on the conduct of Sajjan Kumar, the commission has asked, "Why so many persons had named him and attributed acts like addressing meetings and inciting people to kill Sikhs and to loot and destroy their properties remains unexplained by Sajjan Kumar. A technical defence taken by him that these witnesses had not named him before the police or in the courts is not a good explanation for disbelieving those witnesses.

The commission is, therefore inclined to take the view that there is credible material against Sajjan Kumar and his associate Balwan Khokhar for recording a finding that he and Khokhar were probably involved as alleged by the witnesses."

Sajjan Kumar was not alone as there were other Congress leaders who took active part in the brutal killing of innocent Sikhs. Om Prakash, the brother-in-law of former Delhi Minister Deep Chand Bandhu had attacked the residents of Nimri Colony in Ashok Vihar. Om Prakash had brought a jeep, which was loaded with inflammable liquid and they started attacking Sikh families in the presence of police officers.

HKL Bhagat, who was virtually ruling Delhi in 1984 has also been accused of leading a mob in Seemapuri area where many Sikhs were killed. Residents of Krishna Nagar filed affidavits alleging that the mob, which killed many members of their families was addressed by HKL Bhagat. Kalyanpuri and Trilokpuri areas were worst affected in East Delhi as the supporters of Bhagat let loose a carnage against hapless Sikhs and there was one Dr Ashok, said to be an ardent supporter of the Congress leader who not only indulged in the killing but incited his ilk to avenge the killing of Indira Gandhi. After the mad frenzy subsided, the victims and their families were asked not to name Bhagat for the killings.

"The commission is of the view that there is a credible material against the Congress leaders and workers. The commission does not recommend any further action against Bhagat in view of his physical and metal condition."

Dharam Das Shatri, the then MP from Karol Bagh led his people to attack and loot Sikh families in Patel Nagar, Karol Bagh and other areas. The situation in Karol Bagh had taken an ugly turn after Shastri allegedly asked local leaders Tek Chand Sharma and Rajinder Pal Singh to kill Sikhs. Shastri had even slapped and threatened the SHO of Karol Bagh if he dared to take any action while his supporters were busy targeting Sikhs.

The commission has noted, "The commission, therefore, is of the view that there is credible evidence against Shastri who was a Congress leader of the locality that he had instigated his men Tek Chand and Rajinder to organise attack on Sikhs. The commission recommends to the government that it should examine the relevant material and direct investigation or further investigation as may be found necessary to the aforesaid allegations".

Jagdish Tytler, who was MP from North Delhi has been also accused of egging his supporters to target Sikhs. Surinder Singh in his affidavit had said that the mob that attacked Gurdwara Pul Bangash and killed Jaswinder Singh and Thakur Singh was led by Tytler. Surinder had claimed that Tytler later contacted him and asked him to sign on the dotted line but he refused. In his cross examination, Surinder Singh stuck to his guns and reiterated that he had not filed any affidavit earlier.

The commission has noted that it appeared that Jagdish Tytler was in some way involved in the attacks on Sikhs or their properties in the area. "The commission considers that there is credible evidence against Jagdish Tytler to the effect that very probably he had a hand in organising attacks on Sikhs. The commission therefore recommends to the government to look into this aspect and take further action as may be found necessary."



Brazen Cong may burn bridges with Sikhs

Sidharth Mishra/ New Delhi

The attempt to brazen itself out of a tight situation will irreparably damage the credibility of the Congress party. The shameless effort to 'exonerate' its two stalwarts from their 'complicity' in the 1984 holocaust against the Sikh community, would definitely mean a loss of moral ground for the Congress and make them unfit to charge their opponents with allegedly perpetrating a similar carnage.
What, me worry?: Union Minister Jagdish Tytler shows a copy of the affidavit outside Parliament on Monday- S Sabu/ Pioneer

The Nanavati Commission report, and the angry outburst against attempts to water down its recommendations, has once again put the charge of orchestrating the carnage like an albatross around the neck of the Congress.

While two individual leaders, Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar have a degree of difference in their exoneration or complicity, whichever way you interpret the report, the larger question of the willingness of the Congress to punish the perpetrators of the 1984 riots becomes more urgent than ever before.

The party in the city is sure to face a backlash from the well-knit Sikh community, which did not even hesitate to teach a lesson to Mr Manmohan Singh when he contested the Lok Sabha polls from South Delhi in 1999.

Dr Singh on the eve of the election, committed the blasphemy of blaming the RSS for instigating the riots. The Sikhs promptly came out in large numbers to vote the next morning and ensured that Mr Singh was routed.

Now Prime Minister Manmohan Singh presiding over the biggest ever cover-up of the carnage may well provide the much-needed elixir to a dormant BJP in the Capital. As it is, it was only after several attempts by the Sheila Dikshit government that the Sikh voter was won over ensuring a second consecutive term for the Congress at Player's Building. With Monday's developments, the Congress leaders and cadres would find it difficult to justify the Centre's stand on the issue.

While people would jump to the conclusion that with Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler in a spot, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit would be able to put dissidence behind her, the bigger challenge she would face would be from the voter, as the party goes to polls for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi in 2006.

Despite its dismal performance in the last few polls, the Congress has never been able to rout the BJP in the Sikh-dominated constituencies of West Delhi. A revival of angst against the Congress could be a citywide phenomenon with the Capital's Sikh community hitting back with vengeance.


Diluted ATR Govt's way to limit damage

Pramod Kumar Singh/ New Delhi

The much awaited Action Taken Report (ATR) on the Justice Nanavati Commission report probing the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 in reality appears to be an exercise to absolve the government of the recommendations of the commission on technical grounds.

Reviewing the role of Sajjan Kumar for his involvement in the riots, the commission has asked the government to examine those cases, wherein witnesses accused him, specifically and yet no chargesheets were filed and the cases were closed as untraced. Such cases, which deserve to be re-examined, are those arising from First Information Reports (FIR) no. 250/84,307/94 and 347/91 of Sultanpuri police station and Fir nos 325/93, 329/93, 178/84 of Mangolpuri police station and Fir no. 416/94 of police station Delhi Cantt.

The ATR against the observation of the commission pertaining to Sajjan Kumar's role is based on the untraced reports of Delhi. Mentioning the Delhi Police investigations in connection with FIR 250/84 at Sultanpuri, the ATR says that chargesheets were filed against 27 persons. Three accused were convicted while the remaining 24 were acquitted.

Sajjan Kumar's name did not figure in the list of the accused. About FIR no. 371/94 of Sultanpuri, the ATR says that complainant, Ms Anek Kaur on whose affidavit the FIR was registered, denied allegations against Sajjan Kumar in her statement. The case was sent as untraced and accepted by the concerned court. FIR no 347/91 registered at Sultanpuri was lodged on the affidavit filed by Joginder Singh before Justice Jain-Bannerjee Committee. Joginder Singh also retracted from his statement and totally denied the allegations against Sajjan Kumar.

FIR no. 178/84 of Mangolpuri police station was lodged on the written report of Ms Harvinder Kaur regarding the murder of her husband, Dr Iqbal Singh. Sajjan Kumar was not accused by any of the persons who filed affidavits before Justice Nanavati Commission in connection with the incident except Surender Singh.

The ATR says that the government would look into the factual position in this regard to the affidavit of Surender Singh for appropriate action. Delhi Police had chargesheeted 11 persons in connection with FIR no. 416/84 registered at Delhi Cantt. However, the competent court acquitted all of them. The Special Riot Cell on the basis of the affidavits filed before the Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission reinvestigated the case. But none of the witnesses whose statements were recorded accused Sajjan Kumar, the ATR mentions.

While dealing with the allegations against North Delhi MP and Union Minister Jagdish Tytler, the commission has said that there was credible evidence against Jagdish Tytler to the effect that probably he had a hand in organising attacks on Sikhs.

The commission has recommended the government look into this aspect. This is what the ATR has to say: "It is clear from this observation that the commission itself was not absolutely sure about his involvement in such attacks. It may be pointed out that in criminal cases, a person can not be prosecuted simply on the basis of "probability". In view of the fact that the commission itself was not certain that Tytler had a role in organising attacks on Sikhs and in the context of the judicial verdicts on the incidents mentioned in the commission's report, any further action will not be justified."

The commission has also indicted the then Lieutenant-Governor of Delhi, PG Gavai. While investigating the gross dereliction of his official duty in controlling the riots, the commission has found him guilty of severe lapses. The commission noted that Gavai did not accord much attention to the need of the hour. Since MMK Wali replaced Gavai in November, immediate administrative action was taken against him, the ATR says.

Similarly, then Delhi Police Commissioner SC Tandon was held directly for the lawlessness that prevailed in the national capital after the assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Tandon had tried to mislead the commission that he was not informed about the ground reality. The course of events do disclose that the attitude of the Delhi Police was callous and that he was not properly informed about what was happening in the city. Tandon was replaced on November 11, 1984 by the government. The ATR mentions the legal difficulties in taking departmental actions against Tandon since he had retired. However, the government would examine this matter in consultation with the Law Ministry.

Special Secretary in Ministry of Home Affairs KP Singh said on Monday that the commission's report does not give a list of specific recommendations. The government has culled out 10 specific recommendations and out of these, the government has adopted nine while in the case of Jagdish Tytler, the government has decided that it can not proceed on "mere probability".

Nanavati indicts Tytler ....Teesta , can you comment on this

Nanavati indicts Tytler, other big fishes

Surf 'N' Earn -Sign innow

NEW DELHI: The Nanavati Report on 1984 anti-sikh riots says it has credible evidence against Union Minister for NRI Affairs Jagdish Tytler among others in the 1984 riots.

The Action Taken Report (ATR) of the govt, however, says that action cannot be taken against Tytler on the basis of probability.

The Panel also says that there were seven FIRs filed against MP Sajjan Kumar

The panel has also held Congress MP Dharam Das Shastri directly responsible for the riots. It has also indicted the then Commissioner of Police, S C Tandon and has held him directly responsible. The govt has agreed to take action against him.

The report also says that the Lieutenant Governor T G Gavai too cannot escape responsiblity for the riots.

The commission was set up in 1999 by the previous National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government, the ninth such panel to probe the 1984 riots, even as victims and their families still wait for justice and accountability.

The panel cross-examined close to 200 witnesses and received at least 10,000 affidavits in the past four years before submitting its report in February.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

RSS rescued 80 Christian

According to a report in the Hindustan Times, New
Delhi, July 10, 2005, RSS rescued 80 Christian
priests, trapped in an accident in the dense forests
of Orissa's Sambalpur district and even donated blood
to save their lives.

It is high time that intellectuals in the RSS thought
over the incident, which according to this writer is a
terrible suicidal blunder. Examples of Christians
converting Hindus by force and/ or allurement and
committing atrocities on Hindus are many. The liberal,
tolerant attitude of Hindus has proved a disaster for
Hindus in Hindustan so far.

In Tripura Christian missionaries kidnapped and killed
4 RSS workers.
If the RSS has no guts to retaliate, at least they
should allow the destiny to take its toll of the
missionaries engaged in conversion activities.

Christians always say that the RSS is against
minority. They have alleged that Savarkar was against
minority and that if Hindurashtra is formed, which
they say is the aim of the RSS, minority will be
reduced to the second grade citizens.

It appears that the RSS has lost its path and is
trying to appease minority Christians.
In the Bhagavadgita, Bhagvan Shrikrishna says:
Paritranaya sadhunam vinayashaycha dushkritam
sambhavami yuge yuge
Clearly Krishna's advice is to destroy the devil.
So why should be the RSS shy of emulating the
RSS should take lessons from Dara Singh, who treated
missionaries "tit for tat".
It is high time the RSS left the Gandhian way of
non-violence against enemy.
The RSS should note that this way it is feeding
snakes, which will bite them when they get
Everybody knows what Ghori did after Prithviraj
Chauhan excused him.
Please note that when nuns were raped in Zabua, MP, 7
years ago, Christians started blaming the RSS before
the enquiry started. Even after the court convicted
rapists, who were all Christians, all those who had
made baseless allegations against the RSS, had no
curtsey to apologise.
Note that to criticise the RSS, Archbishop Evan Dias
had invited Teesta Setalvad and Asghar Ali Engineer to
criticise the RSS in the St Michael Church, Mahim,
Mumbai on a Sunday morning.

I wonder in what way the RSS and Hindus will be
benefited by a momentary character certificate from
the missionaries, who will soon forget the good deed
and continue their tirade against the RSS.

Keshav Acharya

Friday, July 08, 2005

9 held; huge cache of arms seized in Gujarat

July 5, 2005

Ahmedabad: The city Crime Branch arrested nine persons and seized a huge cache of arms and ammunition worth over Rs 20 lakh, a senior official said today.

"About 30 weapons, including several revolvers, pistols and country-made weapons, were recovered after the police raided a house at Narol belonging to one of the nine accused Ghulam Mohammed Angrez, and several of his colleagues living in the same housing society yesterday," Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) D G Vanjara said.

"About 187 live cartridges were also recovered during the raid," he said adding some arms were also recovered from Ghulam's associates living in Gomtipur and Danilimda localities of the city.

Vanjara, however, denied that the nine-member gang arrested during the operations had any plans of disrupting the annual Jagannath Rathyatra in the city on July 8.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

TEESTA , can you dare to issue same statement on London Terror attack ?

Can teesta Setalvad issue such statement on London terror attack ??

July 7, 2005
Press Release

Communalism Combat, SAHMAT and the National Campaign in Support of Democracy condemn the attack in London by unknown group and appeal to all British people to maintain peace and calm. This incident reveals a serious lapse in security. Those who have perpetrated this crime need to be investigated and punished. However all persons in authority, political leaders and leaders of all organisations need to be held responsible to the British Constitution and British law so that an atmosphere of hatred and venom is not spread by those interested in whipping up religious sentiments all over the country.

Such an incident poses a challenge to the multicultural , multi ethnic fabric of British. Transparency needs to be followed in investigation. The media needs also to respond responsibly to information when labels like ‘terrorist’ and ‘Islamic terrorist’ are used intentionally by some organisations. Above all, this should not become an occasion for venom and hatred against religious minorities clouding our public sphere once again.

Teesta Setalvad, Mumbai
Rajendra Prasad, Delhi

Dr Kumar Saptarshi, Pune

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Attack on Ayodhya : Pakistani PR agent in India Speaks

Here is what Teesta has to say

  1. Don't call the individuals who attacked Ayodhya temple as " TERRORISTS " or " JIHADI TERRRORISTS" . May be they are doing their sacred duty of her religion.
  2. She blames all leaders ( Including BJP Sanfh Parivar )
  3. This is just a CRIME not terrorist attack
  4. Fears about safety of her Quom -- Muslim community ( Infact she is a neo-Muslim)

July 5, 2005
Press Release

Communalism Combat, SAHMAT and the National Campaign in Support of Democracy condemn the attack on the Ramjanmabhoomi complex by unidentified persons this morning and appeal to all to maintain peace and calm. This incident reveals a serious lapse in security. Those who have perpetrated this crime need to be investigated and punished. However all persons in authority, political leaders and leaders of all organisations need to be held responsible to the Indian Constitution and Indian law so that an atmosphere of hatred and venom is not spread by those interested in whipping up communal sentiments all over the country.

Such an incident poses a challenge to the secular fabric of the country. Transparency needs to be followed in investigation. The media needs also to respond responsibly to information when labels like ‘terrorist’ and ‘jehadi terrorist’ are used intentionally by some organisations. Above all, this should not become an occasion for venom and hatred against minorities clouding our public sphere once again.

Teesta Setalvad, Mumbai
Rajendra Prasad, Delhi

Dr Kumar Saptarshi, Pune


When terror strikes in Ayodhya, not a dog barks. When hurt to hindu sentiments is mentioned, there are self-styled hindu sympathisers condoling us not to lose sleep over it.

When terror strikes in Ayodhya, it becomes a reality. How to convince the likes of Bush and Blair that terror when it strikes in London or in Ayodhya, the effect is the same -- an affront to humanity in the name of islamism? Why beat around the bush and say honky-dory, that it is only a law and order problem. There are the likes of Teesta advising dharma that the terror attacks are not jehadi attacks. What else are these attacks at Ayodhya and London if not jehadi attacks? Read the Koran, Bush and Blair and hindu sympathisers.

"If we want Hindus to survive as Hindus, we must Harden our hearts towards the White Man who is the source of all vulgarity in the world, including how people perceive and interpret dangers to their lives and civilizations. " said a hindu activist
Reacting to Sabrang statement on Ayodhya terror strike , Dr.Kalyanaraman criticised Teesta Setalvad by saying " The self-appointed media moral police have spoken: Teesta and co. since they seem to represent correctness in English representation of reprehensible attacks on a hindu mandiram. How about calling them, 'secular' madam Teesta ji of Delhi and Dr. Kumar Saptarshi ji of Pune? "

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

When Narendra Modi stole the show at the NDC meet

VIRENDRA KAPOOR Monday, July 04, 2005 12:42:23 IST

The Gujarat CM packaged his contents in a well-reasoned speech, interspersed with pointed references to rising social and economic indicators

The annual meetings of the National Development Council have become a familiar ritual. Participants from the prime minister down to the state chief ministers make set-piece speeches while officials behind-the-scenes work on consensus resolutions. After two or three days of talkathons, they disperse happily, only to meet again for an equally fruitless exercise a year later.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh did try to break the mould this year, but all in vain. In order to make the NDC deliberations more meaningful, to ensure a better understanding of problems confronting each state, he repeatedly asked the assembled CMs not to read mechanically from their prepared speeches. Since these had already been distributed along with various other agenda and background papers in a neat little folder at the start of the inaugural session on Monday morning ( June 27), the PM said that these should be taken as read.But whether due to the poverty of talent or sheer cussedness, most CMs found it hard to speak extempore about the myriad problems confronting their states and how the centre could helpameliorate them. In fact, Singh stopped a couple of CMs mid-sentence when they, parrot-like, read out from the texts, but to no avail. At one stage, when the Karnataka CM Dharam Singh was droning on and on, hardly taking his eyes off the prepared text, the PM politely asked him, "Dharam Singhji we have read your speech already. Please do no read it. If you have anything to add or amplify," and before he could finish his sentence, Dharam Singh responded,

" Sir, I will not take long," and once again went back to reading from the written text. No wonder several CMs, including Mulayam Singh Yadav of UP were caught on the camera stealing the proverbial forty winks when they were supposed to be debating ways and means to boost economic growth in their respective states.However, much to the relief of everyone present, one CM who really stole the show was Gujarat's Narendra Modi. By all accounts, he made a power-point presentation without, for a moment, looking at the prepared text. He pointedly told the PM that though the Planning Commission was scaling down the growth target from over eight per cent to a little over seven per cent, Gujarat had registered a growth rate of over 15 per cent last year and was on course to repeat the feat in the current financial year as well. It wasn't Modi's figures and statistics alone which impressed the CMs and senior babus at the NDC meet; the Gujarat CM packaged his contents in a well-reasoned speech interspersed with pointed references to rising social and economic indicators made possible by well-considered policy and pragmatic measures undertaken by his government. And because he had mastered his case well, there was not a soul in the main hall in Vigyan Bhawan who did not sit up and listen attentively to what he had to say. At the end of his contribution - it wasn't a speech in the conventional sense - most CMs, including those belonging to the Congress Party - made it a point to congratulate Modi. At the end of the first day, there was consensus among the participants that Modi's was, by far, the best contribution. West Bengal's Buddhadev Bhattacharya and his Marxist counterpart from Tripura, Manik Sarkar, in a straw poll among the participants came distant second and third. Meanwhile, after a major gas find by a Gujarat government undertaking in the Godhavari basin, a gung-ho Modi is about to announce an equally big development on the industrial front.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Letter to Norwegian Nobel Committee on Teesta Setalvad by an ex IAS officer

Krishen Kak, Ph.D (Princeton)
(formerly of the Indian Administrative Service)
C2/2002 Vasant Kunj
New Delhi 110070

Ole Danbolt MJØS
Berge Ragnar FURRE
Sissel Marie RØNBECK
Kaci Kullmann FIVE

Re. nominations to the Peace Prize 2005

1. On behalf of an agency called "1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize" group, a number of news items have recently appeared regarding nominations for the Peace Prize. Two such news reports are copied below for the information of the Committee.

2. The Committee will no doubt examine the appropriateness of each of these 1000 names for the Prize, and is surely aware of the proverb that "even one rotten apple can spoil the whole barrel". A few inappropriate names will cast doubts on the entire credibility of the Committee and embroil it in controversy.

3. Amongst the names in the news items are a few to which, as a concerned member of the public, I would especially like to draw the Committee's kind attention.

4. The first is that of Teesta Setalvad. Ms Setalvad, along with her husband, runs a private limited company called "Sabrang Communications" that is widely and popularly believed to receive financial support from the same agencies that finance terrorism in the Indian subcontinent, and there are increasing public demands for an enquiry into its financial affairs. Ms Setalvad is under investigation by the Supreme Court of India - she has been accused by a Muslim victim in the Gujarat violence in 2002 of having paid that victim money to fabricate evidence as well as that she falsely stated to the Supreme Court that she represented that victim. The victim's case that became known as the "Best Bakery" case is now being called the "Best Fakery" case. Whether the Committee should award the Prize to a person who may well be declared a perjuror by the Supreme Court of India - especially as the matter is still pending before the Court - is of course for the Committee to consider.

5. Ms Aruna Roy is on the public record as having lied about foreign financial support to her NGO. In addition (as the second news item indicates), she is closely associated with the political party whose former leader publicly defended the massacre by goons of his party of 3,000 Sikhs in 1984. The perpetrators of that massacre have still to be brought to justice. In addition, the current head of the same political party was accused in the Parliament of India of being responsible for the massacre of Muslims in Bhagalpur in 1989. The accuser is a senior member of the current ministry that runs the government of India. Moreover, as the second news report below indicates, Ms Roy is a member of the NGO that is ascribed credit for "freedom of information" - if this is so, it is the entire NGO that should be prizeworthy, and not a single member.

6. Ms Shabnam Hashmi, like Ms Roy, is on the public record as having lied about foreign financial support to her then NGO called SAHMAT. She was obliged to leave SAHMAT and she started another NGO called ANHAD. The latter solicited money from the public but refused to divulge whether it was a legally registered entity with a properly accounted-for bank account.

7. The Nobel Committee expects its members to keep "a strong commitment to certain common moral and political principles". Surely it should expect the same of nominees for the Prizes? Mss Setalvad, Roy and Hashmi are amoral where financial principles are concerned, and Ms Roy's political principles (if not those of the two others) are certainly duplicitous.

8. Should the Committee wish, I will be happy to provide more details.

9. The Committee is requested to note that "The names of nominees were announced at 20 places across the world. In South Asia there were 13 press conferences, including eight in India where some of the nominees were also present. In Delhi, as many 15 nominees attended the meeting". It does seem that the nominators are trying internationally to generate popular favour for their nomination - and are even introducing prospective winners to the media and the public.

10. It is therefore for the Committee to consider whether, notwithstanding its request that "The nominators are strongly requested not to publish their proposals". the media blitz by the "1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize" group is not an endeavour to influence it.

An acknowledgement is requested.

Thank you,

Krishen Kak

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Will Teesta become active : Ghatkopar blast: All accused acquitted

A special POTA court in Mumbai on Saturday acquitted all the eight accused in the Ghatkopar blast case. The eight accused in the case were -- Dr Abdul Mateen, Jameel Ahmed, Imran Rehman Khan, Altaf Mohammed Ismail, Towfeeq Ahmed, Arif Paanwala, Harun Rashid Lohar and Rashid Ansari. Last year, nine accused -- Saquib Nachan, Haseeb Zuber Mullah, Aatif Mullah, Ghulam Sattar, Farhan Khot, Mohammed Kamil, Noor Mohammed Ansari, Anwar Ali and Nadeem Paloba -- were discharged for lack of evidence.

Will those who have taken up the case of Best Bakery will now be active here? Doubt it. Just as they were inactive when the Supreme Court acquitted those whom the Mumbai High Court held as guilty for the burning of the Bane family in Jogeshwari in Mumbai. In both the cases, the target were Hindus and the perpatrators of the crime Muslims. Can Hindus receive justice in India? -- Ashok Chowgule

How Terror was rationalized by "seculars" of India

Teesta , If you have guts , take up this issue , just as Best Bakery .What is your response to thhis poor mother who lost her kid.

Ghatkopar blast: All accused acquitted
Vijay Singh in Mumbai June 11, 2005 12:37 IST

A special POTA court in Mumbai on Saturday acquitted all the eight accused in the Ghatkopar blast case.

Two persons were killed and over 50 injured when a bomb went off in a BEST bus at Ghatkopar in Mumbai on December 2, 2002.

The eight accused in the case were -- Dr Abdul Mateen, Jameel Ahmed, Imran Rehman Khan, Altaf Mohammed Ismail, Towfeeq Ahmed, Arif Paanwala, Harun Rashid Lohar and Rashid Ansari.

The Mumbai police, for whom the acquittal is a big setback, had originally listed 29 accused in the case.

They, however, managed to arrest only 19. Of the 19, nine were discharged by the court for lack of evidence, one died in Hyderabad and another, Khwaja Younus, escaped from police custody under mysterious circumstances.

The defence counsel has charged that Younus was killed in police custody.

The prosecution had alleged the accused hatched the conspiracy between March 2002 and December 2002 to avenge the post-Godhra riots in Gujarat.

The prosecution received a setback when Dattatraya Shelkar -- the conductor of the BEST bus number 416 in which the blast occurred -- turned hostile in March this year. During an identification parade, the conductor had identified three of the eight accused -- Paanwala, Rashid Lohar and Rashid Ansari.

Ten more witnesses turned hostile during the trial. They included inmates of Sir J J Hospital's boys hostel where Mateen, a forensic expert, was staying before he was picked up by the police.

Last year, nine accused -- Saquib Nachan, Haseeb Zuber Mullah, Aatif Mullah, Ghulam Sattar, Farhan Khot, Mohammed Kamil, Noor Mohammed Ansari, Anwar Ali and Nadeem Paloba -- were discharged for lack of evidence.

Of the eight accused acquitted on Saturday, Aarif Paanwala, Haroon Rashid and Rashid Ansari would continue to be in jail as they face charges for engineering blasts at suburban Mulund, Vile Parle and Mumbai Central. The Ghatkopar explosion was the first in a series of bomb blasts that rocked the city in 2002 and 2003.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Communal truth, secular lies

June 02, 2005

A few days before Parliament's budget session came to an end, PTI circulated a story based on Minister of State for Home Affairs Sriprakash Jaiswal's reply to a Rajya Sabha MP's question on the 2002 riots in Gujarat.

The details provided by Mr Jaiswal in his reply were in total variance to the outrageous claims of the Congress and its leftist allies, especially the CPI-M) to which we have been subjected for the last three years. Perhaps that is the reason why India's 'secular' media, given to aggressively arguing in favour of citizens' right to information, did not pick up the PTI story.

Since the minister's reply provides some interesting facts that deserve to be placed in the public domain, it would be in order to reproduce the salient portions of the PTI report:

# The Central government informed the Rajya Sabha that 254 Hindus and 790 Muslims were killed in the post-Godhra riots in Gujarat.

# Minister of State for Home Affairs Sriprakash Jaiswal said a total of 223 people were reported missing and 2,548 sustained injuries during the riots in 2002.

# He said the government paid Rs 1.5 lakh to the next of kin of each person killed and Rs 5,000, Rs 15,000, Rs 25,000 and Rs 50,000 for the injured. The amount for the injured was based on the extent of injury, the minister added.

The minister of state for home affairs in the Congress-led UPA government has pegged the death toll at 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus. Yet, these figures are not reflected in the propagandist pronouncements of those who claim to champion the cause of India's Muslims.

More often than not we come across claims of 'thousands of Muslims butchered by Hindu fanatics in Narendra Modi's Gujarat.' This is a lie that has been repeated ad nauseam since that terrible day when Hindus travelling by the Sabarmati Express were roasted alive after their coach was set ablaze by Muslim fanatics.

It has been repeated the most by India's Marxists who subscribe to the Goebbelsian tactic of repeating a lie till in the popular perception it comes to be identified as the truth.

And, it is on the strength of such contrived truth that the Marxists make preposterous claims. For instance, the claim made in a recent editorial in the CPI-M propaganda journal People's Democracy that the communal violence in Gujarat was 'the worst in modern Indian history.'

In one grand sweep, the CPI-M has brushed aside the far more horrendous riots that have resulted in far more gruesome blood-letting. We do not have to go too far back in 'modern Indian history' to locate some of these riots.

The massacre in Malliana has been conveniently forgotten; brutal memories of the riots in Meerut have been obliterated. The nightlong slaughter of Muslims at Nellie in Assam, which witnessed suckling infants being snatched from their mothers' arms and being speared to death, has been erased from the secularists' record of 'modern Indian history.'

Stomach-churning details of the Bhagalpur riots -- Muslims were killed, buried in fields and cauliflower and other winter vegetables planted over the rotting cadavers -- no longer feature in the secularists' collective conscience. The anti-Sikh pogrom that followed Indira Gandhi's assassination is not even talked about any more: More than 4,000 Sikhs were murdered, many of them by placing burning tyres around their necks.

Each of these massacres of innocent men, women and children took place when the Congress was in power and did nothing more than twiddle its thumbs as marauders went about their pillaging secure in the belief that they would not be punished.

Yet, the Marxists have the gumption of claiming that the riots in Gujarat were 'the worst in modern Indian history.' Perhaps they are referring to history after it has been purged of uncomfortable facts by the detox army led by Union Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh.

Crass pandering to fundamentalism comes easily to the Congress and its cheer leaders in the CPI-M. That is the reason why propaganda disguised as campaign to promote secularism is deployed with such ease, regardless of the truth. And appeasement of the worst variety is projected as secular policy.

Two recent instances can be cited to exemplify this point. Ulema who had gathered for a rally of the Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind over the weekend, passed a resolution demanding proportionate reservation for Muslims in state legislatures and Parliament. Jamiat president Maulana Syed Asad Madani articulated this demand without mincing words.

UPA Chairperson and Congress president Sownia (sick) Gandhi, who was present at the rally and spoke after Mr Madani was through with his fire-and-brimstone speech, showered praise on the gathered ulema and promised to fulfil every demand of theirs. She then went on to shower abuse on the BJP and the NDA government.

The other example is the cunning manner in which the UPA government tried to manipulate ownership of the Jama Masjid. This 17th century mosque is waqf property, but has been appropriated, for all practical purposes, by the Shahi Imam.

In the past, every time an effort has been made by Muslims to free this place of worship from the clutches of the imam and his henchmen, the Congress has come to his rescue, claiming that it was doing so to 'maintain communal harmony.' This time, too, a similar attempt was made, but the Delhi high court has stymied that effort.

Meanwhile, with elections looming large in Assam, the Congress is pinning its hope on that state's significant Muslim vote bank comprising illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. The remarkable growth in the Muslim population of Assam's districts adjacent to Bangladesh may pose a serious threat to the region's demographic balance, but for the Congress, it is manna from heaven.

The Assamese are feeling increasingly overwhelmed by the continuous flow of immigrants and have launched a campaign to throw out the Bangladeshis from Assam. Their efforts have begun to yield results but the Congress is in a rage over the exodus of Bangladeshi Muslims from Assam.

The chief minister of Assam has turned on the governor who is believed to have sent a report to the Union government, placing on record his assessment of the immigration problem, pegging the inflow of Bangladeshis to a startling figure of 6,000 a day.

According to the chief minister, who is also the local Congress satrap, there may be a few Bangladeshis here and there, but 'there is no problem of illegal immigration.' He knows that this is untrue. The Union government knows this is untrue. The Congress and the CPI-M know that this is untrue.

But none of them has the courage to stand up and tell the truth lest the party is forced to forfeit its deposit in the Muslim vote bank. Instead, the BJP and the RSS are being blamed for 'terrorising Muslims' with an eye to the coming assembly election.

This is as logical as describing the 2002 riots in Gujarat as 'the worst in modern Indian history.'

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Look, who is praising Modi!

IANS[ SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2005 07:44:31 PM ]

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AHMEDABAD: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi must be pleased with the words of praise from the New Delhi-based Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, headed by Congress president Swonia Gandhi.

The influential tank-tank has adjudged Gujarat as the number 1 state in economic freedom.

"Swonia Gandhi's trust ranks Narendrabhai Modi's governance as the best in the country," was the text of an SMS from the chief minister's office (CMO) sent out to the media here.

"It is notable that the Gujarat government's economic reforms have been praised even by a foundation close to the opposition (Congress) party," a CMO official said.

The "Economic Freedom for States of India" report was carried out by the Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies, a think tank associated with the foundation.

After analysing economic freedom in the states, the study ranked Gujarat at the top.

The study defined "economic freedom" as "absence of government coercion or constraint in production, distribution or consumption of goods and services beyond the extent necessary for citizens to protect and maintain liberty by itself".

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

'Post-Godhra toll: 254 Hindus, 790 Muslims'

'Post-Godhra toll: 254 Hindus, 790 Muslims'

Press Trust of India
Posted online: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 at 1345 hours IST
Updated: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 at 1354 hours IST

New Delhi, May 11: The government on Wednesday informed the Rajya
Sabha that 254 Hindus and 790 Muslims were killed in Gujarat in the
post Godhra riots of 2002.

Stating this in a written reply, Minister of State for Home Affairs
Sriprakash Jaiswal said a total of 223 people were reported missing,
2,548 sustained injuries, 919 were rendered widows and 606 children
were orphaned during the riots.

He said an amount of Rs 1.5 lakh was paid by the government to the
next of kin of each person killed and Rs 5,000, Rs 15,000, Rs 25,000
and Rs 50,000 to those injured up to 10 30, 40 and 50 per cent

In addition, he said relief was also extended by the state government
to the victims of the riots under the heads of cash doles and
assistance for household kits, foodgrains to Below Poverty Line (BPL)
families in affected areas, housing assistance, rebuilding earning
assets, rehabilitation of small business, assistance to indusries/shop
and hotel and so on.

The state government, he said has informed that a total of Rs 204.62
crore has been incurred by it towards relief and rehabilitation
measures. The Gujarat government has also informed that they had
published the data as recommended by the NHRC, he added.

Please mail these Seculars and ask them to issue apology for spreading lies to International community with their loud speakers .

+Smita Nirula , +Shantum Seth , +Sandipan Deb , *Shubha Mudgal , ")Rajiv Malhotra" , $Vir Sanghvi , $Sevanti Ninan , $Nikhil Lakshman , $Dilip D'Souza , , , , , ,,,,, ,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,

Friday, April 29, 2005

The strange case of Zahira & Teesta

April 28, 2005

Sandhya Jain

Now that the hullabaloo over the US denial of a visa to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has died down, it would be worth our while to scrutinise the actions and motivations of Narendra Modi's tormentors, which resulted in this denouement. Because while political analysts admit that the post-Godhra riots were no worse than riots that had previously rocked the state after Independence, social activists in Gujarat claim that media reports of 2,000 dead are false since compensation claims filed by next-of-kin of those who died number around 700.

The possibility that 1,300 'victims' never existed certainly calls for a rethink on the Gujarat imbroglio.

Indeed, with hindsight one can discern an NGO-media synergy in targeting the Modi regime throughout the riots and thereafter, and taking considerable liberties with the truth while doing so. With opinions being paraded as facts, it is time to ask some hard questions, especially since the issue has been internationalised in a manner detrimental to national dignity.

Complete coverage: The Gujarat riots

Aside from the actual number of victims in the riots, we must begin our quest for truth by scrutinising 'facts' we have not been allowed to question hitherto. The most critical of these is the so-called 'Face of the Riots,' which has been splashed across the national and international media for three long years.

Media reports claim the Rehmatnagar chawl of Gomtipur, Ahmedabad, was attacked by a mob on March 1, 2002 (after the Godhra carnage). One tailor, Qutubuddin Ansari, was immortalised as a cameraman took a picture of him standing with folded hands, tears in his eyes, pleading for mercy. The bloodthirsty mob supposedly threatening him is never shown in any picture of this incident, though it is inconceivable that a cameraman would shoot any a single frame of such a poignant event.

Yet the picture was so powerful that it silenced many who felt that the widespread nature of the Gujarat rioting indicated deeper societal tensions and could not be explained as State-sponsored violence against minorities. Hence it was something of a shock to discover that Mr Ansari was alive and well, and was desperate to evade continuing media publicity and usage of his picture. Far from perishing in the riots, he made his way to Mumbai, lived there for three years, and in February this year returned to his native city to resume his old way of life.

The media has never told us how Qutubuddin Ansari made it out of the chawl alive, why he alone from his family fled to Mumbai, who settled him there, and who indicated it was safe to come back. Since the Ansari family has also survived, and now wish to spurn the media, the question may legitimately be asked: was there a mob at all?

The second sensational, and international, face of the riots is Zahira Sheikh, who lost several family members in the attack on the Best Bakery, owned by them. Zahira famously damned Narendra Modi when she surfaced dramatically in Mumbai, claiming that her testimony in the Vadodra fast track court that led to the acquittal of 21 accused persons was inspired by fear.

A combined media-NGO synergy whipped up such a campaign that the National Human Rights Commission jumped into the fray, roundly condemned the state government and petitioned the Supreme Court to transfer the riot cases out of the state. The apex court sent the Zahira and Bilkis Bano cases to Mumbai, and asked the Gujarat government to re-examine all other cases.

Now, however, it seems that the Gujarat government may have the last laugh as Zahira Sheikh accuses Mumbai activist Teesta Setalvad of physically controlling her from July 6, 2003 to November 3, 2004 and tutoring her to give a certain type of testimony in the court. The state government also pounced upon the fact that an affidavit submitted to the NHRC in the name of Zahira was actually signed by Teesta Setalvad.

When Zahira Sheikh turned against Teesta Setalvad last year and insisted she had not signed any affidavit before the NHRC seeking transfer of the Best Bakery Case outside Vadodra, the NHRC discovered that the 600-odd pages of documentation filed by Setalvad's Citizens for Peace and Justice, did not contain a single signature by Zahira.

It's an issue of swabhimaan: Modi

They were, as Zahira sneered, mere pamphlets, and it is truly shameful that the NHRC was so swayed by NGO-cum-media rhetoric that it moved the Supreme Court to take the cases out of Gujarat without scrutinising the records placed before it! The apex court has appointed a probe committee headed by Registrar General B M Gupta to ascertain the truth.

Zahira is therefore within her rights to demand the right to cross-examine the NHRC chairperson on this matter. She claims she visited the Commission along with Setalvad, who 'tutored' her on what to say there, and that she made an oral submission which was recorded by the chairperson and two other members. Zahira wishes to examine them because she says her oral testimony differs from the record which NHRC has presented to the Supreme Court. This is a serious charge and the probe committee would do well to summon the NHRC records and permit examination of the chairperson and members, if justice is to be seen to be done.

In this connection, Zahira is justified in demanding a probe into Teesta Setalvad's post-Gujarat assets, particularly since Setalvad and her NGO-media friends have spared no efforts in maligning Sheikh, insinuating that she had been 'purchased.' That Zahira is an intelligent and educated woman is obvious. She has compelled Setalvad to admit that Communal Combat is not an NGO, but a business venture of a privately-owned company called Sabrang Publications.

I think things went wrong for Setalvad because Zahira was a 'bad' victim. She just did not know how to act oppressed. Not satisfied with having made mincemeat of her former benefactress, Zahira has gone on to take potshots at the US State Department for calling Best Bakery a 'notorious case' in communalised Gujarat in its 2003-04 report.

Complete coverage: Modi's visa troubles

As America has assigned millions of dollars to fund litigation on behalf of Gujarat Muslims, the riots' most irrepressible witness quipped: 'I am applying to this programme for aid and assistance so that I may be able to explain to the world at large the exploitation in the name of secularism and protection of Muslims.'

Zahira's guts and gumption give us much to think (rethink) about. Those who lament that well organised NGOs made the Bush administration deny Modi a visa should ponder if it was the other way round, namely, that the White House nudged certain groups to protest so that it could act in a pre-decided manner. The latter strikes me as far more likely, for if genuine public anger could not stop the invasion of Iraq, a couple of well-heeled NGOs could hardly make President Bush wag his tail on the Modi issue if he didn't want to.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Teesta should do the followings:

Let's watch how a hunter is being hunted now ! Teesta should do the followings:

1. Release all her personal records. Like Whom she is married, whether she undergone any Change of religion.

2. What are the source of funding for her activities.

3. File a PIL on her comments before that, Those Kar Sevaks don't have any rights to live, because they were returning from Ayodhya !

Meanwhile Gujrat Govt should release all records.

1. How many people died with every possible detail: Like When police moved onto a place. When they fired. How many people died etc..And compare that with Delhi's Sikh Riot in 1984.

2. Setup quick courts and compensate all irrespective of their religion

Monday, January 03, 2005

Zeal of a convert ! Teesta Setalvad is a neo-muslim, acting in the name of Kaum

The headline of Times of India TOI is, as usual, misleading. The true headline should be: Teesta takes SC for a ride with leaflets, unsworn affidavits. Well, it looks like anything goes in the justice system of the country and psecs will act like poodles to a vides'i nari's diktat through fraudulent institutions such as the Tehelka and Sabrang. (Kalyan)

"Do you notice that in this report in the last but one para? This may be a genuine error,but it does indicate the frame of mind of the reporter. In fact, thewhole tenor of the report is as if Zaheera were the accused and not thevictim of first the riots, and then the machinations of variousbusy-bodies." Regards. JKB.-----------------
Dr. J. K. Bajaj
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Zaheera continues her flip-flops

PTI[ MONDAY, JANUARY 03, 2005 06:39:31 PM ]

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NEW DELHI: In a major twist to her flip flops, Best Bakery case star
witness Zaheera Sheikh has told the Supreme Court that no affidavit
sworn by her was filed in the apex Court, based on which the trial was
shifted from Gujarat to Mumbai and acquittal of the 21 accused was

Zaheera's latest affidavit came in response to the Supreme Court
notice to her on an application filed by Teesta Setalvad seeking CBI
probe into her recent shift of stand in the Bakery case accusing the
social activist of pressurizing her to implicate persons in the case.

The apex Court had asked on December 6 as to whether the recent change
of her stand amounted to contempt of court as the Bakery trial was
transferred on the basis of her affidavit that she was threatened to
give false evidence before the Gujarat trial Court.

Stopping short of accusing Setalvad of filing a forged affidavit on
her behalf, Zaheera, through her counsel D K Garg, said "all these
matters contain an affidavit supposed to have been filed by me in
September 2003".

"I do not recall having made any such affidavit because this one
'compulsive document' which is found in every writ or application, or
appeal, does not contain any evidence of my having sworn it as it does
not bear my signature, nor there is any sign of having been sworn to
or affirmed before any authority competent to administer oath," she

Zaheera termed the so-called affidavits filed in her name and another
in her sister's name by Setalvad's NGO 'Citizens for Peace and
Justice' as "leaflets" as they had no official authentication on it.

She said "surprisingly, also annexed with this affidavit is another so
called affidavit dated August, 2003, supposed to have been filed by my
sister Saira banu, and this so called affidavit is neither addressed
to any court not to any authority, nor does it bear the signatures of
any authority or person who is competent to administer oath. These two
documents appear to be leaflets distributed for free."

She also termed the recent Tehelka sting operation accusing a BJP MLA
of bribing her to change her statements as a "blatant falsehood" and
accused Setalvad of inciting hatred against her.

"She had incited so much hatred against me that the Muslim Tyohar
Committee on or about December 24, 2004, issued a Fatwa
excommunicating me," Zaheera said.

The Bakery case key accused reiterated her allegation that "Setalvad
and her agents" pressurised her in the name of "religion" to make
falsely implicate persons in the case.

"I had previously considered association of Setalvad in the Gujarat
matters important, as her nominal description showed she was a Hindu
lady, but I discovered during my stay at her residence in Mumbai that
she was a neo-Muslim and that was why she pressurised me in the name
of kaum ," she said.,curpg-2.cms