Monday, January 03, 2005

Zeal of a convert ! Teesta Setalvad is a neo-muslim, acting in the name of Kaum

The headline of Times of India TOI is, as usual, misleading. The true headline should be: Teesta takes SC for a ride with leaflets, unsworn affidavits. Well, it looks like anything goes in the justice system of the country and psecs will act like poodles to a vides'i nari's diktat through fraudulent institutions such as the Tehelka and Sabrang. (Kalyan)

"Do you notice that in this report in the last but one para? This may be a genuine error,but it does indicate the frame of mind of the reporter. In fact, thewhole tenor of the report is as if Zaheera were the accused and not thevictim of first the riots, and then the machinations of variousbusy-bodies." Regards. JKB.-----------------
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Zaheera continues her flip-flops

PTI[ MONDAY, JANUARY 03, 2005 06:39:31 PM ]

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NEW DELHI: In a major twist to her flip flops, Best Bakery case star
witness Zaheera Sheikh has told the Supreme Court that no affidavit
sworn by her was filed in the apex Court, based on which the trial was
shifted from Gujarat to Mumbai and acquittal of the 21 accused was

Zaheera's latest affidavit came in response to the Supreme Court
notice to her on an application filed by Teesta Setalvad seeking CBI
probe into her recent shift of stand in the Bakery case accusing the
social activist of pressurizing her to implicate persons in the case.

The apex Court had asked on December 6 as to whether the recent change
of her stand amounted to contempt of court as the Bakery trial was
transferred on the basis of her affidavit that she was threatened to
give false evidence before the Gujarat trial Court.

Stopping short of accusing Setalvad of filing a forged affidavit on
her behalf, Zaheera, through her counsel D K Garg, said "all these
matters contain an affidavit supposed to have been filed by me in
September 2003".

"I do not recall having made any such affidavit because this one
'compulsive document' which is found in every writ or application, or
appeal, does not contain any evidence of my having sworn it as it does
not bear my signature, nor there is any sign of having been sworn to
or affirmed before any authority competent to administer oath," she

Zaheera termed the so-called affidavits filed in her name and another
in her sister's name by Setalvad's NGO 'Citizens for Peace and
Justice' as "leaflets" as they had no official authentication on it.

She said "surprisingly, also annexed with this affidavit is another so
called affidavit dated August, 2003, supposed to have been filed by my
sister Saira banu, and this so called affidavit is neither addressed
to any court not to any authority, nor does it bear the signatures of
any authority or person who is competent to administer oath. These two
documents appear to be leaflets distributed for free."

She also termed the recent Tehelka sting operation accusing a BJP MLA
of bribing her to change her statements as a "blatant falsehood" and
accused Setalvad of inciting hatred against her.

"She had incited so much hatred against me that the Muslim Tyohar
Committee on or about December 24, 2004, issued a Fatwa
excommunicating me," Zaheera said.

The Bakery case key accused reiterated her allegation that "Setalvad
and her agents" pressurised her in the name of "religion" to make
falsely implicate persons in the case.

"I had previously considered association of Setalvad in the Gujarat
matters important, as her nominal description showed she was a Hindu
lady, but I discovered during my stay at her residence in Mumbai that
she was a neo-Muslim and that was why she pressurised me in the name
of kaum ," she said.,curpg-2.cms

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Pakistani Lies and Deception said...

Thanks to the unprecedented outburst of public's feelings in various newspaper forums, registration of a formal PIL and an internet petition seeking investigation into Zaheera Sheikh's allegation on Teesta Setalvad - the Supreme Court has announced the appointment of an independent investigation.,001301170000.htm