Tuesday, July 12, 2005

RSS rescued 80 Christian

According to a report in the Hindustan Times, New
Delhi, July 10, 2005, RSS rescued 80 Christian
priests, trapped in an accident in the dense forests
of Orissa's Sambalpur district and even donated blood
to save their lives.

It is high time that intellectuals in the RSS thought
over the incident, which according to this writer is a
terrible suicidal blunder. Examples of Christians
converting Hindus by force and/ or allurement and
committing atrocities on Hindus are many. The liberal,
tolerant attitude of Hindus has proved a disaster for
Hindus in Hindustan so far.

In Tripura Christian missionaries kidnapped and killed
4 RSS workers.
If the RSS has no guts to retaliate, at least they
should allow the destiny to take its toll of the
missionaries engaged in conversion activities.

Christians always say that the RSS is against
minority. They have alleged that Savarkar was against
minority and that if Hindurashtra is formed, which
they say is the aim of the RSS, minority will be
reduced to the second grade citizens.

It appears that the RSS has lost its path and is
trying to appease minority Christians.
In the Bhagavadgita, Bhagvan Shrikrishna says:
Paritranaya sadhunam vinayashaycha dushkritam
sambhavami yuge yuge
Clearly Krishna's advice is to destroy the devil.
So why should be the RSS shy of emulating the
RSS should take lessons from Dara Singh, who treated
missionaries "tit for tat".
It is high time the RSS left the Gandhian way of
non-violence against enemy.
The RSS should note that this way it is feeding
snakes, which will bite them when they get
Everybody knows what Ghori did after Prithviraj
Chauhan excused him.
Please note that when nuns were raped in Zabua, MP, 7
years ago, Christians started blaming the RSS before
the enquiry started. Even after the court convicted
rapists, who were all Christians, all those who had
made baseless allegations against the RSS, had no
curtsey to apologise.
Note that to criticise the RSS, Archbishop Evan Dias
had invited Teesta Setalvad and Asghar Ali Engineer to
criticise the RSS in the St Michael Church, Mahim,
Mumbai on a Sunday morning.

I wonder in what way the RSS and Hindus will be
benefited by a momentary character certificate from
the missionaries, who will soon forget the good deed
and continue their tirade against the RSS.

Keshav Acharya

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