Thursday, July 07, 2005

TEESTA , can you dare to issue same statement on London Terror attack ?

Can teesta Setalvad issue such statement on London terror attack ??

July 7, 2005
Press Release

Communalism Combat, SAHMAT and the National Campaign in Support of Democracy condemn the attack in London by unknown group and appeal to all British people to maintain peace and calm. This incident reveals a serious lapse in security. Those who have perpetrated this crime need to be investigated and punished. However all persons in authority, political leaders and leaders of all organisations need to be held responsible to the British Constitution and British law so that an atmosphere of hatred and venom is not spread by those interested in whipping up religious sentiments all over the country.

Such an incident poses a challenge to the multicultural , multi ethnic fabric of British. Transparency needs to be followed in investigation. The media needs also to respond responsibly to information when labels like ‘terrorist’ and ‘Islamic terrorist’ are used intentionally by some organisations. Above all, this should not become an occasion for venom and hatred against religious minorities clouding our public sphere once again.

Teesta Setalvad, Mumbai
Rajendra Prasad, Delhi

Dr Kumar Saptarshi, Pune

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