Sunday, September 11, 2005

Naendra Modi snubbed US Consulate General Michael S Owen

Glad to hear that Modi snubbed the US Consulate General Michael S Owen. I have seen many foreign countires treat our leaders shabilly and we still go and fall on their feet. It is time to give back in the same coin.Look how Britain told that they cannot guarantee Modi's safety if he comes to Britian. I think it is true they cannot even gurantee their own citizens safety after granting all these terrorists safe haven.These so called champions of human rights are giving these terrorists safe haven to score against India. Remember the creation of pakistan itself was a job by Britian and now Britain itself has become vulnerable. The only job the terrorists know is to kill others where ever they are and giving assylum makes those countries vulnerable to these attacks.

-- Gokul

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Do not criticise elected government, minorities told

The Hindu 4/9/05

Do not criticise elected government, minorities told

Special Correspondent

It will be preposterous to question the sincerity of the Government: NCM chief

JAIPUR: The Chairman of the National Commission for Minorities, Tarlochan Singh, on Saturday called upon the minority communities to discard the habit of criticising democratically elected governments with constant complaints of "perceived discrimination.'' He said the fear psychosis created among the minorities would harm them in the long run.

Mr. Singh was interacting with reporters during his visit to attend a function of the Sikh Sangat here. He said minorities had no right to denounce the elected governments as the latter had the people's mandate in their favour. "Holding the Government or the ruling party responsible for communalism in the society is improper,'' he said.

Mr. Singh — who is also a Rajya Sabha MP — pointed out that an elected government was answerable to the people at large irrespective of who voted for it and a Chief Minister was duty-bound to fulfil the aspirations of the entire population of the State. It would be preposterous to question the sincerity of the Government, he said.

The Minorities Commission chief said he had led a delegation of Muslims that met the Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, in the aftermath of violence in 2002, when Muslims had announced boycott of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led Government. The grievances of the community were settled in a "congenial atmosphere'' with his intervention.

On the observations of the Prime Minister's high-level committee that visited Rajasthan recently to study the socio-economic and educational status of Muslims, Mr. Singh said he did not find any atmosphere of fear, distrust or terror among Muslims in the State.

Friday, September 02, 2005

PM praised Narendra Modi at National Integration Council

AHMEDABAD, Sept. 1. — The Gujarat government today claimed that Dr Manmohan Singh had praised Mr Narendra Modi during the NIC meeting in Delhi for his “development work done after the Gujarat riots,” adds a reort from Gandhinagar. According to a government release here tonight, the Prime Minister had praised the development work undertaken by Mr Modi for rehabilitation of the riot victims of Gujarat after the matter was raised by the CPI-M general secretary, Mr Prakash Karat. The release said that during his speech Dr Singh said in connection with Mr Karat’s queries that “the Council will be pleased to know that the rehabilition work in Gujarat is going on well”. — PTI