Monday, October 31, 2005

Delhi Serial Blasts : FOIL rationalises and Rejoicing

FROM : "Raja Swamy"
Email :

Hindu Middle roaders (those who pretend to sit on the fence until some
shit happens after which they join the chorus of majoritarianism) talk
like this about the "community" being the problem - this is nothing
but a bunch of crap. first, we dont even know who the hell did this.
Secondly even if it were LeT or Al_CIAda, it is utterly wrong to think
that those of Muslim heritage have anything more to answer for this
than say Bhutanese Buddhist monks lounging in a dhaba in Thimpu have
to answer for the fascism of Sinhalese JVP Buddhist nuts.

Did these superintelligent Aryabhattas* demand that all Hindus somehow
explain why Hinduvadis massacred thousands of Muslims in Gujarat?

Did he read this

'Post-Godhra toll: 254 Hindus, 790 Muslims' -- SECULAR GOVERNMENT FIGURES

'Post-Godhra toll: 254 Hindus, 790 Muslims'


that case the "community" was actively engaged in the violence
alongside the troglodytes in khaki chaddis - hah, Hindu rashtra did
not sail into the scene like a pack of cuddly rabbits. HMRs are quick
to slip on a victim complex with one eye open and the other
permanently shut in a permanent state of terminal Nirvana. When an
outrage like Delhi happens, they turn furiously towards us pretending
to be all seeing, and demand why Muslims exist.

Unless these cretinous HMRs kick their own lumpen alter-egos in the
nuts and thereby wrench open both eyes, the Hindu Taliban will only
grow in proportion to the slimeballs on the other side of the fascist


* HMRs (thanks to the cool dude who coined this word - you know who
you are!) tend to be overrepresented among certain demographic
clusters like engineers, computer scientists, corporate types, believe
piously in a variety of smiling and smirking multi-armed deities, and
dont question the illogic of associating everything good with "Hindu
culture" and everything awful with "outsiders," "invaders," and
"aliens" even as they type their pious invectives about "outsiders"
from cushy silicon valley or similarly endowed corporate offices.


FROM : Amalorpavanathan

Where are we getting to? Everytime a terrorist attack takes
place ,every muslim,man,woman and child in this country should swear
that they dont support terrorism?
Do we apply the same logic in
Gujarat. Did we apply the same logic in Staines gruesome murder.
terrorist let it be said has no religion and so are his /her

a TERRORIST ???? WOOOOOO ! This guy is needs psychiatric treatment

Then people who killed innocents are FREEDOM FIGHTERS in his view .
This is Language of Anti-India, Anti-Hindu

supporters.Let us not treat the ordinary hindu and muslim differently.
When the mutt head in Kanchi was apprehended how many Hindu
organisations and individuals came out in support of rule of law which
does not distinguish between persons of different occupations.

FROM :Kaleem Kawaja

Mr Wasnik,
Your allegation that terrorists (who may be Muslims) were able to
blasts in the shopping Centers in New Delhi, because some Muslim
etc helped them is a very irresponsible statement.

Tell me how Naxalites and Maoists (who are mostly not Muslims or
commit so many acts of terrorism in India? In the non-Muslim,
Indian community suporting them?

Kaleem Kawaja


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Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2005 7:37 PM
Subject: Re: [india-unity] A.I.M. Condemns New Delhi Blasts, Expresses
sympathy with victims

HI friends,
I really want to know as to how come these
terrorists even accomplished something so dirty. Do
these people get some kind of a support from some
fanatic elements of the muslim community.

What I am tryign to get to is, when the
terrorists come to india, they obviously don't live in
hindu localities, because first of all they are
muslims and the second thing is they might look
extremly suspicious if they are planning out
terrorists activities.

Now if we assume that all the muslims in
india are against islamic terrorism then we have the
following alternatives.
These people must be living in muslim
communities. Now I don't think that these terrorist
live completely isolated. Because if they did then,
the muslim community may get suspicous of their
intentions, Also if these people really mix well with
the muslims taking this problem in to consideration,
some non terrorist muslims must be atleast getting
hints of what these terrorists are up to.

With the whole muslim community being
potrayed as terrorists, I feel that the whole muslim
community should be completely against these lumpen
elements, and if that is the case, I don't think it
would have been really difficult to snuff these
terrorists out,before they accomplish anything. The
only way that the terrorists could have accomplished
something so drastic if there is a non negligible
fractoin of indian muslims who actually back these
people up. If this is the case I feel that it is not
just condemnation from the muslim community that will
get rid of problems of this kind but, a whole hearted
effort by the muslims to really check the lumpen
elements in its community. Because like it or not, it
will be really difficult to answer to the likes of
thackeray if we cannot answer to allegations like,
muslims cheer pakistan during india pak matches.
Condemnations of terrorist acts by the community will
really look shallow under such circumstances.


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