Sunday, November 20, 2005

Godhra: Nanavati-Shah Commission summonses Justice Banerjee Committee

One Godhra panel summons another
[ Sunday, November 20, 2005 TIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

AHMEDABAD: The Nanavati-Shah commission on Saturday issued summons to Justice U C Banerjee Committee probing the Godhra train carnage and asked the committee to produce the reports by railway authorities concerning the cause of the fire in coach S-6 of Sabarmati Express on February 27, 2002.

This is the first time such summons have been issued by this commission, since its institution in 2002.

The Banerjee committee has already sent copies of its interim report and 76 testimonies of witnesses examined by it, to the commission.

In its last communication, it had sought time to produce the rest of the documents saying they were "voluminous". The committee had also said that since the inquiry was still on it was difficult to produce papers.

Justice (retd) G T Nanavati and Justice (retd) K G Shah took a serious note of this and said, "It was difficult to appreciate how in this age of modernisation," the committee was taking such refuge.

The summons were issued to the secretary of the committee to produce these documents. The Banerjee committee, in its interim report, had said that the fire appeared like an accident.

Soon after this report became public, the VHP, through its counsel had sought copies of the report from the Banerjee panel.


sudarshan said...

Another important point is that Banerjee committee is not ready to share the documents with the Nanavati-Shah Commission because they are afraid that truth will come and the bunch of lies propagated by him amd laloo will not stand the test of truthfulness.

Prem Paul Ninan said...

You are all going to hell if you continue to condone the killings of innocent Muslims like this. A heroine like Teesta should be lauded for her courage, rather than a coward like Modi and his cowardly bully rioters killing thousands of helpless Muslims.