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Soaring flight of Narendra Modi in development

Title: Soaring flight of Narendra Modi in development
Author: Arvind Joshi
Publication: “Pudhari” (Marathi Daily- Free translation)
Date: February 9, 2006

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The state of Gujarat has been in limelight for the last five-six years.
Riots, devastation caused by the cyclone or the terrific loss of life
and wealth by the earthquake, on account of all these reasons, there was
a world-wide discussion over Gujarat and consequently, the Chief
Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi was constantly in the whirlpool of
criticism. Now all these debates are taking back seats. A new face of Gujarat
is coming to the front. The gallop of Gujarat on the industrial front
has now become a subject of discussion. As this gallop has been the work
of the Chief Minister Narendra Modi through his well planned efforts,
the people are also looking at him from a different viewpoint. His image
was a CM who encouraged communal riots. It is undergoing a change and
his name is being taken as an excellent administrator and a
development-oriented leader.

Influence all over the world

Gujarat and Rajasthan states are considered as industrial states.
Rajasthani and Gujarati people are famous for going to anywhere in the
entire country and launching their trade successfully there. Gujarati
persons are basically industrious. In the olden times, the name of Sheth
Shantidas was famous in this respect. Because, 350 years ago, this Sheth
used to give loans even to the Mogul emperors too. If we think that
way, Gujarati man has always been in the forefront of trade. Gujarat has
been supplying the entire country with Ground-nuts and its oil. The
industrious mindset of Gujarati people which was so far engaged in the
traditional professions has now assumed the form of liberal economy freed
from the old shackles. Its influence is now felt all over the world in
the trade world and the investors all over the world are being attracted
towards Gujarat.

Some conclusions reached after its survey by an English weekly ‘India
Toay’ about Gujarat, are very encouraging for Gujarat. According to this
survey, Narendra Modi is the best Chief Minister of all the CMs of the
country. When the opinions of many people in Gujarat were taken, 80 per
cent of those who were interviewed have confirmed that Modi was the
Chief Minister. When in the last August, a similar survey was carried out,
75 % voters had given their opinion that Modi was the best Chief
Minister. As such, Modi has not only maintained his first rank, but improved
by 5%.

According to the detailed report, in the fields of education, health,
Law and order and security, Gujarat state stands about sixth or seventh.
But the basic infra-structure for foreign investment and industries,
Gujarat stood first even then and now also it’s the first.

Administrative Skill

The reasons for this honour which has gone to Gujarat are the great
efforts taken by CM Modi. Since last some years, he has concentrated his
attention on foreign investment and increasing basic facilities. He has
harnessed all his administrative skill and is working for it. Day for
Modi starts at 6 o’clock. No file on his table remains there more than
48 hours. He shows the same diligence in following up the cases with
what diligence he disposes them. One more facet of his skill is, he is
expert in obtaining the involvement of the state’s administrative staff
in his programmes and development process. He has left no stone unturned
for attracting the foreign investors. The ‘Garaba’ of Gujarat is
famous all over the country. The fete of ‘Garaba’ or ‘Gandiya’ was also
utilized by him towards foreign investment. He had given the commercial
appearance to the Dandiya and invited a number investors and
industrialists from foreign countries. He had displayed large ads on the air
ports of London and New York.

First preference of the Investors

Narendra Modi’s invitation got a profuse response of 125 foreign
traders, 200 NRIs and 200 specially invited investors. The representatives
arriving for the Ras Dandiya festival,
had brought with them a number of proposals. During the 9-day Mahotsav,
proposals amounting to Rs.55,000 thousand crores were signed. All this
has not happened automatically. Gujarat has made progress which will
attract the investors. Industries require basic adequate facities as
peace, law and order along with power, water, land, roads, ports. Modi has
emphasized on these matters strongly.

State without power-cut:

If only the situation of power is considered, the situation in Gujarat
appears to be different. (This is a mild description. The situation and
Gujarat are vastly different. Just consider, where I am staying, we
have 11 to 14 hours power cut. ) In Maharashtra power-cut is for 11 hrs,
but Gujarat state is free of any power cut. Gujarat has 100%
electrification throughout. During the period 1998 to 2002, 5 large power
generating projects were erected. 4 more projects are under construction.
Jyoti-Gram Plan has been executed in the state. According to it, all
villages will be given three-phase power. Although this plan has not been 100%
successful, but 12,000 villages has been given such power. 17,000
villaes out of 18,000 have now built up roads and connected to the main
roads. Progress has been made towards the private investment in the
development of ports. The capacity of handling 200 lakh tonne goods in 1998,
has now reached to 825 lakh tones.

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