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Credibility of Teesta Setalwad of Citizens for Justice & Peace and members

Keshav Acharya
Email :

The credibility of Teesta Setalwad of the Citizens for
Justice & Peace and members of the CJP as regards
their honesty, integrity and sense for justice is very

In justification of my statement I submit as follows:
(a)Teesta Setalvad’s magazine “ Communalism Combat “
has very small circulation. The magazine is not
visible in public libraries and stalls in public
places. The NGO, Citizens for Justice and Peace has
miniscule membership; it has not held any public
meetings with large attendance; it holds, perhaps,
only closed door meetings.There are doubts and
suspicion regarding the sources of the huge funds
required for activities of Teesta setalvad and her
(b)Teesta Setalwad had joined Asghar Ali Engineer and
Archbishop Evan Dias in blaming Hindutvavadi leaders,
the BJP, the RSS etcetera in the St. Michael’s Church
at Mahim on a Sunday, according to news in the Times
of India of Sunday October 18, 1998 in the wake of
rape of 3 nuns on September 22, 1998 in Zabua in
Madhya Pradesh. Later on after the investigation it
was found that the rapists were a gang, which included
12 Christians and a congressman, but no RSS men as
The criminals are undergoing imprisonment now but
Teesta Setalvad has no courtesy to apologise for
making false allegation and maligning Hindu
organisations. Teesta Setalvad is not a Christian and
had no routine business to go to the church with
Asghar Ali Engineer, another Muslim. The October 1998
issue of “Communal Combat”, edited by Teesta Setalvad
has given news about the rape and blamed the Hindu
organization for that. It is curious and very much
suggestive that the concerned article about the
incident is missing from the archives of the magazine
and is not sent to me by e-mail as promised by
concerned authorities of the magazine, despite
The rape incident was used in subsequent elections in
MP, Rajasthan and Delhi to malign Hindu organizations
and the BJP. Christian schools had declared “bandh” in
Mumbai and a Morcha of School children from Don Bosco
school was taken. One should think whether school
children should be used to protest rape.
After the police investigation was completed and the
Christian rapists were arrested, the media ignored the
news about the rapists completely.
This one incident, alone, is a concrete proof to show
that Teesta Setalvad is an anti-Hindu activist and an
anti-BJP politician and not a human rights activist as
( c )Teesta Setalvad wrote a book for teachers of the
Don Bosco School, Borivli, Mumbai, and circulated it
in the school, in which she criticized Shivaji Maharaj
in many ways and referred to his caste. This was in
September 2001.The fact is that Shivaji Maharaj is
known and highly revered throughout the country and
particularly in Maharashtra for fighting Moghal ruler,
Aurangzeb, who had imposed Jiziya tax only on Hindus,
and not for his cast. As a result, teachers and
parents of the school children protested and the
school authorities had to withdraw the controversial
book intended to poison the minds of young children to
fulfil her heinous design. Astonishingly, Teesta
Setalvad had not got the names of the publishers and
the printers of the book printed on the book to escape
from the clutches of the law. Teesta had not taken
permission of the education department to publish the
book. Unfortunately no NGO came forward to take Teesta
Setalvad to task for violating rules.

( d )In the article, THE POLITICS OF TEXTBOOK( the
Times of India – 24-10-1999), Teesta Setalvad is
reported to have said: “Textbooks in Gujarat call
Muslims, Christians and Parsis foreigners. They detail
the ills of Christianity, the greed of the Pope and
the sensual pleasures enjoyed by the Catholic clergy.”
All the above allegations of Teesta Setalvad are
( e ) When Laloo Prasad Yadav ordered an enquiry into
the burning of the Sabarmati Express in Godhra, and
when contacted by the ToI, Teesta Setalwad of Citizens
for Justice and Peace said, “The railway ministry had
earlier abdicated its responsibility of independently
investigating the incident which was warranted under
the Railways Act.” She stated that this inquiry was
“long overdue”. (ToI- 3-9-2004). According to the
article, “Godhra probe:Lalu is wrong“, by Arabinda
Ghose in the weekly Organiser( 26-9-2004), it is clear
that the probe ordered by the railway minister Lalu
Prasad Yadav was illegal and politically motivated.
One term of reference is to find our whether the
karsevaks were traveling without ticket. This type of
enquiry is never made,when accidents take place.
The fact is that Laloo announced an enquiry into the
train burning with a view to showing that the victims
had burned themselves. Laloo and the media were trying
to impress upon the people that since petrol was
poured from inside the compartment and fire started
from inside, the Karsevaks burned themselves. These
persons do not realize that a few outsiders out of the
mob of 2000 rioters could force their entry into the
compartment and do the misdeed.
( f ) Teesta Setalvad,Javed Akhtar,Alec Padamsee,Anil
Dharker and the NGO Citizens for Peace and Justice met
relatives of those killed in the coach S-6 of the
Sabarmati Express on 27 February 2002 after 20 months
on 5-10-2003, pretended that they were the victims’
sympathizers, brought them to Mumbai, arranged a press
conference in Mumbai and provoked them to speak
against the BJP, the VHP and other Hindu organizations
and yatras organized by these organisations.
The Godhra victims were also used to demand ban on
future Yatras in general and the proposed Yatra of
March 15, 2003 to Ayodhya, in particular by Hindu
That the yatra turned out to be peaceful proved that
Teesta Setalvad’s demand was just an attempt to malign
Hindu organization.
In an appeal to UP chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav
and Dy. Prime Minister L.K. Advani, the CJP demanded
ban on the October 15 Ratha Yatra alleging outbreak of
communal violence and insecurity among the minority
community ( FPJ – 14-10-2003).
It must be noted that the VHP Yatra was very peaceful,
despite provocation by organizations like the CJP. The
ToI reported it as “flop”.
( g )Teesta Setalvad and her NGO, CJP were using the
Gujarat riots to spew venom against the RSS, the VHP
and the BJP by using a section of the media in their
favour, though it is reported that some Congressmen,
the ISI of Pakistan and some Islamic fundamentalists
were also involved in the riots. This is clear from a
few of the following news reports:
( h )The Godhra train carnage on February 27, 2002 was
an “ act of terrorism planned at the behest of
Pakistan to foment communal riots all over the
country”, according to a study report. The study,
conducted by a five-member team led by Justice D S
Tewatia, former Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court,
for the Council of International Affairs and Human
rights, released in New Delhi described the Godhra
incident as an act of international terrorism planned
and executed in connivance with the jehadi forces.
Haji Bilal, Mohammad Husain Abdul Rahim Kalota and a
few more Congresmen were involved in the plan to burn
the Sabarmati Express at Godhra ( FPJ- 27-4-2002,
Navabharat, Hindi daily- 30-5-2002,
( ii )According to Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind most Congress
corporators actively participated in the riots.JUH
secretary Farooqi has a list of 25 Congress leaders
from Gujarat which included former Congress minister,
a sitting MLA and a former MP. Farroqi acused Congress
workers of committing sins of commission and omission
during the riots.( ToI – 10-8-2003).
( iii )Teesta Setalvad herself had said in March 2002
that in the attack on former MP Ehsan Jaffery’s house,
a Congress member was among the mob ( FPJ –
(iv) The fact that Congress governments in
Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Punjab refused to send
police force to Gujarat, to control riots, though the
Gijarat government was ready to spend full money for
their deployment, shows that the congress was not
interested in curbing the riots, but was interested
only in making a political capital out of riots.

( i ) According to the editorial in the Free Press
Journal Teesta Setalvad had come to access crores of
rupees in the 1998 general election. In the editorial
of the Free Press Journal dated November 5, 2004 again
a reference to the suspicious sources of funding for
multi-crore advertisements against the BJP in
newspapers is made pointing out a finger to Teesta

( j ) Teesta Setalwad approached DCP, G.D.Pol in zone
5, Dadar, Mumbai and asked him to file FIR against VHP
general secretary Praveen Togadia under sections 153A,
153B, 295A,298 and 505 for his alleged inflammatory
speech at a meeting of the Rashtriya Vichar Manch at
Nardulla Tank Maidan on March 16. ( ToI- 14-5-2003
). The speech was not as alleged by Teesta and no
untoward incidents took place after the speech.

( k ) Javed Akhtar and Alyque Padamsee and Vijay
Tendulkar, all members of the CJP had congratulated
Ashok Gehlot, the chief minister of Rajasthan, through
a letter (IE-May 10,2003), for banning trishul and not
allowing Togadia to enter Rajasthan though Court had
allowed him to enter. According to a news (ToI- May 9,
2003), Additional district and sessions judge Ajay
Kumar Jain, trident is not a weapon; and so he granted
anticipatory bail to VHP activists accused of
displaying trishuls, banned in Rajasthan under Arms
Thus the venom spit by above members of the CJP is an
attempt to malign Hindus, their leaders and their
It must be noted that these persons had never
criticized “ Lathi rally” of Laloo Prasad Yadav in
Bihar. (12-5-3-Indian Express ), the rally with bows
and arrows of more than 1000 activists of Communist
Party of India (Maoists) in Kolkata ( FPJ- 16-12-2004)
and rifle rallies of Naxalites in Andhra Pradesh.

( l )Alyque Padamsee, an activist of the CJP, had said
recently that he does not know Mumbai, but knows
Bombay. He has no objection for renaming Calcutta as
Kolkata, Madras as Chennai and Trivendram as

( m ) Vijay Tendulkar, an activist of the CJP, had
said at a speech in Pune and then in Dapoli in
Maharashtra in November 2003, that if he is given a
gun, he would shoot Narendra Modi. This reveals the
bonafides of the organization CJP.

(n) At a press conference in Mumbai in February 2004,
Asghar Ali Engineer, member of the NGO, Citizens for
Defending Constitutional Democracy and Secularism, at
a press conference, said in Mumbai “ BJP has polarized
the country and came to power by attacking minorities,
secularism and Indian pluralism” ( FPJ – February 26,
2004). All such utterances of members of the CJP
reveal that it is an anti-Hindu, anti-BJP
( o ) One can have freedom to have his views and have
an organization, but to form an organization and
pretend that it is citizen’s organization, a
non-political and that also for peace and justice is
certainly deception and cheating.
I am to add that this organization is not registered
under any act and its membership is not open for
citizens though the word “citizen” is therein. I
allege that it does not have any Constitution of its
own. I pray the Supreme Court to take this into
consideration and decide the bonafides of the
organization “ Citizens for Justice and Peace”.


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Radhika Mittal said...

The truth has finally come out. Teesta is a criminal and worse than terrorists. She fabricated evidence in Gujrat riot case and threatened the witnesses. Congress govt. has not only funded her but awarded her with padam shree. Shame on congress!

Slice said...
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Slice said...

With such Hindus and nationals around in country you don't need terrorists to destroy our nation and our religion. 10 Teestha are more than enough.

These rogue people should be left in the Taliban region. They will get the first hand experience of everything they are supporting.

Slice said...

The biggest irony is that none of the news channels have reported.

These channels have the worst possible hypocracy in the name of 'Secularism'. I would say NDTV leads the front. Were all its reports sleeping the day these revelations were made.

Vidrohi said...

Very good article indeed. An eyeopener.
Hope all of the Indians read this and use their brains to draw conclusions.

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It's Attractive post and also image. I liked it.