Monday, February 26, 2007

Assume Teesta's agenda is -- to combat communalism

A comment by "decratl" at Saag Forum

Teesta's agenda - to combat communalism (lets assume that this is her personal and official agenda!!!!). I hope she realises that communalism is a social problem and how to solve it??? It takes many years or probably even decades. Social problems don't vanish by the time one snaps fingers. It will not go away by people trying to champion (Pseduo)secularism on 10min - 15min TV debates. If Teesta and co. are/were to be really knowledgeable in handling communalism, they should stop talking after issuing a condemnation statement in the press. Without knowing the difference between terrorism and communalism branding Hindu right wing activists as terrorists gives enough ammo for animosity. I hope VHP/Bajrang Dal will be counter these words, if at all if they want to, democratically rather than resorting to violence, strikes, bandhs.

In that debate, at the end Mr. Shashank said that what Mr. Raman told was "historically and factually" correct. Hope Teesta will get her facts correct next time she comes or is invited for a debate. Social activism and bureaucracy/diplomacy are not at the same level in the hierarchy. Bureaucracy/diplomacy are well above social activism. Social activists should first know that bureaucrats have access to both larger picture as well as minute details. Teesta should confine herself to preaching "Communal Harmony" and debating these issues with Jehadis and Hindu right wing activists.

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