Thursday, February 22, 2007

CNN-IBN's expert don't know difference between communalism and Terrorism

Posted by decratl at SAAG Forum
The panel composition was: Pakistani Political and Defense Analyst, Lt Gen (Retd) Talat Masood; former Director, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), B Raman; Social Activist Teesta Setalvad; and former Foreign Secretary Shashank.

Why was this ODD person Teesta called in??? The panel has retired bureaucrats/diplomats and how does this social activist fit into that. The topic was "Indo-Pak peace" and related issues and how are diplomacy and social activism inter-related. What makes somebody think that she is even qualified to sit and debate with this kind of experienced panel. God knows which brilliant brain thought of including Teesta among the panelists

".....We have had terrorism from the Hindu right-wing activists....."

The actions of Hindu right wing activists, can be at the max, termed communal and CERTAINLY NOT terrorism.

Countries on this planet are still finding it difficult to come to a correct definition of terrorism and here is an expert who has come to talk about terrorism!!!!!. Of late she is being promoted by CNN-IBN as an expert and is being called upon to talk on all kinds of issues (what a joke!!!!). People who cannot differentiate between communalism and terrorism are called to talk about intelligence, diplomacy, investigation, terrorism (irony), Indo-Pak peace!!!!!!.

No other panelist traded personal charges against another panelist and here is a person who is saying Mr. Raman to be arrogant!!!!! She doesn't even know the basic rules of communication when diplomats and bureaucrats meet. and dear readers she is an expert!!!!!!

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