Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Samjutha Express & Sabarmati Express : Teesta can you answer ?

If Samjutha Express is TERRORIST ATTACK , then why not Sabarmathi Express ?

Let Secular Media, Judiciery , MEDIA answer this question to the nation .

By the way , can Teesta Setalvad come forward and protest this TERRORISM ?

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another face in the crowd said...

No no no no no...Samjhauta express is a jihadi mission gone sour!!!!
Teesta setalwad is a psuedo whom I saw on television blaming Hindu fundamentalists for the blasts..My god what have we dne to deserve a fate like this..Kashmir gone is alright..I'm saying give them one more state but let all the Muslims from India go and stay there in Peace!!!We will also stay here in peace..Please don't test our tolerance levels..Attack against Hindus are always conspiracies against the muslims and attack against Muslims an act of fanaticism by the RSS and the Sangh..my god such Bull!!!Muslims are always the victims and Hindus always the perpetrators of crime..and look at Azhar, Shahrukh, Salman, Aamir, Saif, Zaheer, Munaf, Irfan, Azim Premji, Mr Kalam etc..they have come up against so many odds and hindu injustice, reached the nadir thanks to people like teesta and the ISI who are pressurizing the hindu folks to accept them and love them..such Bull..A colleague in my company does namaz 5 times a day and one grows his beard long as well and we don't blink..We eat the biryani and drink sevia that gets cooked on Id..And this is what we get in return, thousands of lives lost for a ruin that the idiot Advani and the likes demolished ..When are the muslims going to learn the virtues of tolerance and acceptrance of other beliefs...I hope I'll live to see that day!!!!