Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where is the moral outrage for Mossamat Akhera Bibi


Rakeeb Hussain for The Hindustan Times reports:

Shiekh Motaleb, who anyhow managed to rescue his sister Mossamat Akhera Bibi and admit her to the Tamluk sub-divisional hospital in East Midnapore on Saturday, said: “My sister was pregnant and couldn’t run away when the armed CPM cadres stormed inside Satengabari village. She was severally beaten up and then raped by the cadres. Her two teenage daughters Soma Khatoon and Anwara Khatoon too have been raped and then taken away.”

Nirmalya Bannerjee for the Times News Network has these quotes

”It was about 8 pm last Tuesday (a day after the final onslaught from Khejuri was launched). My husband was not at home. I was in bed with two teenage daughters when five men barged in.

About 25 others stood guard outside. They pulled me by the hair and one of them raped me. Our two daughters were also pulled out and raped by four people. They hit me with rifle butts.” She lay dazed in her house for a day before her nephew brought her to the Nandigram block hospital. Later, she was shifted to Tamluk. “I still don’t know what has happened to my two daughters,” she said.
Police recorded her statement on Sunday. “There is no visible sign of rape but she is a mother of a number of children. In such cases, rape is difficult to confirm by physical verification, often circumstantial evidence is crucial,” said Dr Sudip Gole who carried out the medical examination on Saturday night.

Where is the moral outrage for the rape of pregnant Muslim women by Communist cadre in West Bengal ?